Get the chance to change your life and live in the amazing world of a grand International Cultural, Artistic & Scientific Organization. 

You’re Welcome to Found and be Presidents of “ZERVAS ART CLUB” in your country”! Be members of the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs”! In every country in every big city!

We have the pleasure to inform you that “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” is in process to found Clubs (NGO) in many countries around the world.

World Federation of Zervas Art selected active persons and is interested to collaborate with common basic the development. 

if you have the possibilities and the members to open it, you are welcome to be the General President of “Zervas Art Club” in your city / country.


To stimulate international interest and cooperation with Higher Schools of Fine Arts and other Artistic or Cultural Institutions and Institutions, from the International Community, to teach – transmit all about the visual arts in particular, but also all forms of art according to the most up-to-date views and knowledge, and to divert public opinion into the aims of this Foundation, which are Educational, Scientific, Cultural, Tourism and Developmental.

Promote the Establishment of Study Groups and International Relations, ie Organizing Seminars, Seminars, Conferences, Speeches, Television and Radio Broadcasting, Symposiums, Co-conferences etc. that are directly related to the communication of the peoples through art and the creation of a culture of peace and coexistence.

Organize Community (EU), National or Regional Programs of Regional or National Atypical Continuing Vocational Training, and programs aimed at the Conservation, Preservation and Dissemination of Greek Traditional Greek Cultural Heritage and Traditional Arts (such as Dance, Pottery, Engraving, Wood Carving, Painting, Sculpture, etc.).

Contribute to scientific, environmental, ecological and cultural training, in particular by adapting various social groups to the continuous and all kinds of developments and changes, which are constantly present in all areas of social life, and in particular to carry out work which it will have as its aim and purpose the art, the creation of a Culture of PEACE and the unity of peoples, with the similarities and differences, the basic good of man.

Seeks to safeguard the free exchange of scientific, artistic and cultural information, as well as the free movement of educational, scientific and cultural ideas and initiatives, the preservation, preservation, dissemination and protection of popular culture and its development of Peace, Friendship and mutual cooperation and understanding between people who serve every artistic and scientific way of every kind of art in every country.

To edit, publish and distribute books, magazines or newspapers, and television broadcasts on the arts, sciences and cultures for the purpose of objective information and information.

The preservation, preservation and promotion of an international collection of works of art, to enrich this collection with new works of art, with the aim of assembling a major national artistic product with international radiation, which will contribute to the cultural but also any kind of development of the wider region and our country.

The accommodation of the World Collection of Artworks in one or more buildings, in the form of a Museum or another, and to pre-empt visits of students, scientific groups, etc.



Except from the basic annual program of our Club, we will also organize events like: cultural, scientific, artistic, humanitarian, social & touristic.

Our purpose is the national cultural consciousness and the culture of peace.

Zervas Art Clubs in the whole world organize great cultural events under the collaboration of every Organization worldwide where supports the “Culture of Humans”, with purpose to wake and sensitize consciences and societies.

Cultural – Scientific Congresses & Conferences  

Contemporary Policy of Culture

Cultural Freedom

Multicultural Societies, Countries & world

Culture as a basis of economic development

Art Exhibitions

International Painting Exhibition

Professors Annual Art Exhibition from the University of Fine Arts of the country

Students Annual Art Exhibition from the University of Fine Arts of the country

Dedication in famous artist

Artistic – Social Projects

UNESCO National Heritage

Annual ceremony of UNO’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Program & work presentation of GREENPEACE

Program & work presentation of ACTION AID

Kids Painting Exhibition from African children with the collaboration of ACTION AID

Program & work presentation of MEDICINES SANS FRONTIERS

Annual ceremony of UNO’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Humanitarian Aid

Annual fundraiser for humanitarian aid in African countries

Priority will be given to health and education

Support of Educational Programs of UNICEF against Illiteracy for underdeveloped countries

Educational  Projects

5 days Master Classes / Seminars program:

Painting | Collage | Mixed Media | Pastel | Abstract | Drawing | Engraving | Sculpture | Photography | Watercolor  | Traditional musical instruments | Traditional music dances

Tourism  – Agricultural Tourism

Five-days tourist packages to visit the country’s most important cultural monuments

Five-days tourist packages to visit the country’s most important national agricultural products


Daily festival of every field of national folklore dances

International Video Art Festival