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Every dialect of art, every level of artist, every grammar of painting can participate …to the international artistic dialogue to create and discuss with colors and give to the visitors the only one luxury experience to follow the building of one artwork.

Zervas Art, since 1999  until today is activated into 70 countries, having scratch out an important and continuously arisen route. In addition,  have created an international stream of art and artists, which influences or and directs, in many cases, the international market of art.
Zervas Art, created in 2006 the International Scientific Artistic Committee (I.S.A.C.), which is constituted by 20 artists/professors from Universities of fine Arts from 20 countries, which hold meetings frequently by mails, for the program, the research and generally for the important matters which concerns each period.
International Art Symposiums are the most important annual scientific and artistic organization of Zervas Art. Every year organize 12-15 artistic and scientific events and participate almost 500-700 selected and internationally awarded artists/professors from Universities and Academies of Fine Arts as well.
At 2017 created the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” and today is based in 35 countries with 40 Zervas Art Clubs… 

Zervas Art International Painting Symposiums isn’t another one academician event that will make art critic or will sale paintings to the lovers of art.
Many theorists talk about art and artists but understand and feel so little…because they stay frond of one completed picture and try to say what they remember and what they read about art and of course they talk about something that they can’t do. “Only the artist can stay frond of the empty and white canvas and try to put life’s color and light on the “absolutely white” that is more difficult level from the black dark”.  

Painting Symposiums of Zervas Art is one “open” international artistic workshop and from the 1st organization at 2002 touched the soul of creators and creation, because is one international palette, because is international artistic dialogue with the language of art, because accept as advantage the differences, because born and support the artistic creation as answer that no one asks.

At the Symposium moment the artists are free to create what  the galleries and collectors don’t need… the communication between countries ,cultures and differences acts like power that the artist never can has in his working place’s palette, where he must be absolutely alone. In Symposium moment the words aren’t so important, also the words are so poor to explain the mystery of life and the mystery of art that is the last hope in the human soul.

The maternal official, and international language of art is the basis of Painting Symposiums, which is so enough for the communication of people, with similarities and differences. Every dialect of art, every level of artist, every grammar of painting can participate to the international artistic dialogue to create and discuss with colors and give to the visitors the only one luxury experience to follow the building of one artwork.

“International Painting Symposiums of Zervas Art, love and respect all the artists as creators, but first of all… try and offer one reason for creation without conditions and limits….without reason, as an answer to someone who never asked…!” Civilization is so long term application to cover our range… but is the only way.

byAnna Givargizian


The official Auspices from the greatest International Organizations is the guarantee of the amazing artistic experience in the history of art.

Panagiotis Mil. Zervas: I was born in Rion, Patras, Greece in 1962, I did the necessary studies in the secondary education and didn’t continue studies higher education because it was tiring and I didn’t saw the reason to do it.

Before the symposiums my life was very lonely in a very narrow context… the journey had to begin. Than all change… everything! For me the occupation with art was a one-way. And so after a business vacation in the world of books I reached 1999 to establish the Zervas Art Gallery.
I come from a middle class family from which I acquired the persistence and the ideology touching for the thing and life. When I organize the first symposium I didn’t believe that one idea (subversive) could get the interest and support of such big Organizations. 
I was surprised in fact of the close relationship between politics and art. Art is politic… culture is the future political ideology…

The success of the first Event institutionalized the International Painting Symposiums and the continuous development.

I don’t like to hope, but the first event gave me that much power so I could continue this dialogue…

The International painting Symposium were organized since 2002. “Patras means homelands” in Patras started to communicate different cultures, different pallets, different religions and different political beliefs, the axis was art. Communication is based on art not on speech.
The dialogue that opens with art from country to country, from artist to artist is based on the language of art that is primordial and native language to the human kind irrespective the origin.

The point of the symposium is the intervention of art as axis of communication between people and countries not noticing the similarities and differences . Also the Symposiums simulate with art to revolutionize complacent societies and consciences
The objective of the symposium is elastic and multilateral, the important point is that the artists from any country all over the world have the ambition and dream to visit Greece and taste parts of the ancient and Modern Greek culture. Also, a history is created that can’t be performed with words or with art critics but with the artworks that are added to the collection of Zervas that consists today up to 8.000 artworks.

The remarkable artworks that create the artist from 80 countries are exposed in big and important exhibitions that are hosted in different countries.

The decision to launch the Symposiums comes from the personalize need for artistic action without borders and simultaneously repealing the cultural boundaries. The organization started with the belief that art is the communication language between people and countries despite the similarities and differences.

Also I believe that art is an integral part of the human dignity. It was a thought and an argument that found immediately the support of big international organizations as UNO, UNESCO,  Action Aid, Green Peace, MSF(Doctors without Borders), Universities and Academies of fine arts, Ministries in Greece and other countries and Embassies of the countries that participate.

by Anna Givargizian

In general the results and success of the International Painting Symposium overcome in much my expectations, a fact that cause new and important requirements and conditions needed for the continuous and success of the institution.
My personal expectations were and are still undefined. Today, after 23 years I can’t say something about personal expectations… I don’t know…
The subject with the International Painting Symposium is elastic… but I never expected anything more and actually happened… a big international workshop of art with an amazing communication… and creation. The coexistence of the different!
I think the communication between diversities it’s a bigger pleaser than the best wine! I started 1999 approaching art with purely philosophical intention. Art is replacing philosophy and an artist replace philosopher.
The philosophic researches and life itself indicated and proofed to me that art is the end and the beginning of everything…

I love an artwork when it surprises me and when it gave me answers to something I didn’t ask.
My preference in Painting is to meet soul and honesty on the canvas.
Everyday something changes… every year… every decade!
I return to all I loved at first and sometimes I travel to somewhere i didn’t love yet
Every Artwork enchants me… but not all is art.
I know how the first scripture was for the human kind. The primary need for the first human.
The other forms of scripture followed after thousand years. Art was the beginning and the occasion for all things. What will the history of human kind be without art? What would life be… Would
there be life?
The artworks on the caves from the prehistoric period are modern and important. The tradition begins millions of years ago.
The artists lived with terms and doctrines for many periods of the history. But I believe that art is not conscripted and don’t follow the rules. The language of art has for sure grammar and syntax… but I can’t consider it as a term… the knowledge is necessary. The talent is innate, grammar can be learned… No, art doesn’t obey and have no limits… it wouldn’t be art!

by Anna Givargizian

THE DREAM IS AVAILABLECurators:   Panagiotis Milt. Zervas   Antigoni Diakatou-Zervas


Arrivals:  25|05|2023  – Departures: 31|05|2023

International Painting Symposium  |  Academic Master Classes  |  Cultural Voyage 
International Painting Exhibition  |  Online Painting Exhibition 
Free Guided Tour in New York monuments | Dance & Music performances 

100 Distinguished artists  |  40 countries

in the history of art

More than 9.000 professional high level artists from over 120 countries have participted until today.
It is a live artistic – scientific project which supports the communication 
between countries and people despite the differences or similarities.

Distinguished Artists and Professors from the whole world create in parallel, communicate, collaborate and live together the great artistic experience
of the dialogue with the maternal language of ART.

The belief that art is awakening and revolutionizing hypnotized societies and consciences is the base of the 133 Academic Symposiums which supports
the life creation on the “white canvas”. 

Included official Visa Invitation Letter



World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs, Club for UNESCO of Achaia,  and “Zervas Art ” 
have the great honor to invite you in the works to the famous cultural organization 
1st NEW YORK  ART FAIR “International Painting Symposium” MASTER CLASSES 
that will be realized in the Congress hall of central hotel on 25-31 May 2023.
 Confirm your participation “as soon as possible” to meet with great artists from the 
whole world and live creative artistic moments in the main artistic and historical meeting.
- Since 1999 -

The greatest artistic good you’re ever gonna live

Zervas Art Symposium !

Organizing large Symposiums is our passion. Since the early start we wanted to enrich you experience, making it meaningful and not just fun and exciting.
2.500 years, from Plato to Zervas Art!

Zervas Art Symposium ?

When you participate our Art Symposium for the first time, it transforms your life, and connects you to the people you always wanted to get to know and love.
Live the greatest experience Now!

Zervas Art Symposium .-

Are you seeking something different? An opportunity? We invite you to join the world dialogue our community has been having for the past 23 years.
Come with us! Come with the best.

Art Symposium Now

Our Symposiums are held in every country, in every culture and every corner. Symposiums takes place everywhere, in the spirit, in the heart, in the soul at the same time. Don’t worry, you will find us!

L I V E   C R E A T I O N

Start your day with free light breakfast
Enjoy our free light breakfast item together with your choice of coffee, tea and juice and a workout in our fitness center. Stay connected with our free high-speed Internet and read our free USA Today newspaper. Each room is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. We have a 24-hour coin-operated laundry facility and our front desk staff is on hand around the clock.
The notorious Gangster from Newark, Abner (Longy) Zwillman made Riviera Hotel his residence.

25 min  from  New York city

CHECK IN  3:00 pm   –  CHECK OUT 11:00 am

3159 Route 46 East I 287Parsippany, NJ 07054

Near New York City   25 min
Newark Airport   20 min

Welcome to our Days Inn Parsippany hotel, located just off both I-80 and I-287. We are 30 miles from New York City and only 20 miles from Newark Airport. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, we have clean and comfortable rooms available for all your needs. Come stay with us and bask in the sun!

Picnic at an arboretum, hike primitive trails, and learn about local plants
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DATES:  Arrivals:  25|05|2023  –  Departures: 31|05|2023


Artists: 1.450€ |  Artists without hotel (full program): 780€   |  Visitors: 1.600€   
2 Paintings exhibition: 450€
Advance for Registration 350€ / Pay off in New York at 25|05|2023


Free with breakfast  6 stays in double twin room
Single room: 80€ extra per day

Meals: every working day (2) free light meals

Dinners: 2 free dinners + free soft drinks or wine    


Diploma from Club UNESCO of Achaia
Award from the World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs
Diploma for the participation in the Master Classes
Gold Medal of Zervas Art

We support the visa for all the artists in any country from 1999 until today. More than 9.000 artists get visas to participate in our Symposiums in so many countries!

Zervas Art is for 23 years the important window for the artists to communicate with the countries and the cultures of the whole world!

We send email and call to the Embassies to support the visas.
Every artist that apply for visa have to get informed from the website of the Embassy about the required documents.

We send to the artists and the Embassies:

1. Official VISA Invitation
2. Hotel Reservation of the accommodation
3. GROUP Hotel Reservation of the accommodation
4. Hotel Reservation of the Congress Hall
5. General privet invitation
6. 4 Confirmation of your participation
7. Payment Receipt
8. General Participainting List

DON’T FORGET… the most important point is the trust of the embassy in your return to your country. If the embassy trust (in the interview) your return, your visa is absolutely sure!

If artists have the required documents they will get visa. It is the low and no one can refuse one legal visa application !



To complete your Official Registration please deposit the advance of 350 euros via: 

IBAN:  GR43 0171 5690 0065 6914 2102 115
Account No:  6569-1421-02115   |   BIC-SWIFT:  PIRBGRAA
Bank address:  Korinthou 224, PATRAS  26221 Greece
Zervas Art address:  9 Androutsou str, Ag. Vasileios 26504  Patras, Greece 
Tell:  +30 2610 994 804  | Mob: +30 6975 758 967  | email:


6 nights accommodation | Daily breakfast | 2 free days to visit New York| 1 meal | 2 Dinners Gala  | 1 Party | Promotion in 160 countries | Post in Facebook & Instagram | 4 documents (posters) | 2 Certificates from Zervas Art Foundation | 1 Certificate from Club UNESCO | Gold medal of Zervas Art | Official Visa Invitation | Hotel reservation | 2 days workshop | Canvases 80x100cm + easels | 2 Master Classes | Painting Exhibition in the working place | Online Exhibition for free | City Tour

Art works: every artist can create 1-2 paintings  /  Dimension: 80cm x 100cm
Collection: the paintings will be added in “Zervas Art Collection”
Materials: the artists will bring colors, brushes & special materials.
The organization  provide canvases and easels.

Professors  & Students are welcome to participate in the great artistic experience with different terms.

The event is supported by Hi Fi system & Projector

160 countries  |  13 profiles  |  18 communities
200.000 members  |  11.000 artists
18.000.000 annual viewers in the social media | 18.500.000 annual visitors in the event  website
26.500.000 annual viewers of Facebook & Instagram 1.500.000 annual local viewers in social media
Famous artist, Philosophers, Historians of art will give  Master Class – Congress for all the participant artists and visitors.
Please inform us if you are interested to be speaker in the Master Class – Congress


“World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” & “Club for UNESCO of Achaia” have the pleasure to invite
in order to present your  MASTER CLASS in the works of the  International Painting Symposium 

The project offers CERTIFICATE to the artists who present the class with the signature of
“World Fedartion of Zervas Art Club” and “Club for UNESCO of Achaia”, that is Valuable for your Academic & professional career .
To your Master Class, it’s your own presentation so you can tell whatever you want around your art and your artistic career.

You can speak about you, your cv, your artworks ,your techniques etc.
Your Presentation can lasts 20 minutes.

In the presentation of your master class will attend: 
The participants of the symposiums, local art lovers-visitors. 
Aply and confirm as soon as possible. 

We will reply to you after 2 working days. 


Apply Now for your Master Class

We are at your disposal for anything 24h / day

I aggree with the Terms and Conditions


With the stamp and signature from the Patras Municipality – Greek Ministry of Interior & UNESCO.


We always do our best to support the artist’s right to travel and experience the world, art markets, mindsets, everyday life and new techniques and forms of expression.

We support visa issuance and take legal responsibilities by sending legal documents to each participating artist.
Please fill out the following form, which will help us with a pre-assessment and guaranteed issuance of your visa.

You have every legal responsibility of your signature, that the details  are true and you will not be found inaccurate in any (possible) crossing of information.

How many kids do you have? *

Do you have an official occupation? *

How many years have you been working with insurance? *

Do you have permanent insurance? *

Do you have a bank account with money? *

Do you have parents alive? *

How many siblings do you have? *

Do you have a previous visa to EU or US? *

Do you have formal studies in an infinite educational institution? *

Are you a member of the artist union in your country?

Why will you return to your country? *

I confirm the legality of the details

APPLY TODAY   for your visa appointment in the Embassy
Because of pandemic, the Embassies was closed, so they have thousand applications to serve. Be very quick and apply today!
CONFIRM US   tomorrow your appointment date
Be quick!


Zervas Art is for 23 years the important window for the artists to communicate with the countries and the cultures of the whole world!

We support the visa for all the artists in any country from 1999 until today. More than 9.000 artists get visas to participate in our Symposiums in so many countries!

We send email and call to the Embassies to support the visas.
Every artist that applies for visa have to get informed from the website of the Embassy about the required documents.

We send to the artists and the Embassies:

Official VISA Invitation
Invitation from UNESCO
Zervas Art Guarantee stamping from GR GOV
Zervas Art Official Details
Hotel Reservation of the accommodation
Reservation of the Congress Hall
General privet invitation
4 Confirmation – Posters of your participation
Payment Receipt
and more…

DON’T FORGET… the most important point is the trust of the embassy in your return to your country.
If the embassy trusts (in the interview) your return, your visa is absolutely sure!

If artists have the required documents they will get visa.
It is the low and no one can refuse one legal visa application!


Here is the way to get the gold chance to participate in the unique Zervas Art Symposium!

1st STEP
Study of the Gold Offers and the Terms of your participation


2nd STEP
Confirmation of your participation and payment of the required advance of 350,00 Euros and sending your details to

  1. The copy of the deposit
  2. Passport copy
  3. 2 Face photo
  4. Photos of8 artworks with complete details: Title, Size, Media, Year, Price
  5. CV, Tel. Mob, Email, Facebook, Instagram

3rd STEP
Zervas Art sends on the same day For Free:

  1. UNESCO Official Invitation
  2. Official Visa Letter
  3. Hotel Reservations
  4. Zervas Art Official invitation
  5. Payment receipt
  6. Online Art Exhibition with 8 artworks like the example
  7. 4 Posters – Certificates – Promotion
  8. Web Marketing in the Zervas Art Community of 200.000 members

4th STEP 
The Visa department of Zervas Art can manage your Visa Application and your Appointment with the Embassy.

We are kindly waiting to congratulate and welcome your participation in the Zervas Art  Symposiums


be  now  member  in the artistic  community of the 1st NEW YORK  INTERNATIONAL ART SYMPOSIUM
Online Painting Exhibition  – Master Class International Painting Exhibition.
With the guarantee of Zervas Art.


The live artistic creation of the 1st New York Art Symposium
will take 
place in the central Semiramis hotel in NY.

Artist will work and create for 2 days from 10:30 until 20:00
The Airport is around  30-50 min  from  the  Hotel  Days  Inn
The Master Classes will take place in the Hotel congress hall
Contact  us  for  your   Visa  invitation   &   Hotel  Reservation


Art is the international maternal language and axis to communicate 
countries, cultures & people, 
without differences.
Under  the   Auspice  of  UNESCO.

25 May 2023
Arrivals in the Hotel 
20:00 Meeting in the Loby
21:00 Welcome Dinner

26 May 2023

Free day to visit the
New York  monuments 

27 May 2023

Free day to visit the
New York  monuments 


28 May 2023

11:00   Master Classes – Workshop  | 14:00 meal  |  Video Interview | Free night 


29 May 2023

10:00   Workshop | 14:00 meal  |  19:00 Exhibition – Certificates | 21:00 Dinner-party

30 May 2023

Free day to visit New York | 21:00 Dinner


31 May 2023



Every day Art clients are looking for you on the web! 
Where and how will they find you?

How will the Art buyers buy your artworks?

F R E E   H O S T I N G   Permanently 
Your Online Art Gallery will be hosted in 11 web Pages in the largest Web Art Platform: HOME PAGE       PROFILE       GALLERY       E-SHOP       ART ENCYCLOPEDIA        SEARCH COUNTRIES       ARTWORKS      HOUSE       COLLECTORS       PROPOSALS       SPECIAL OFFERS
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F R E E   S E O   Permanently
Because of the thousands artistic webpages and the daily advertisement in Googe, the customers and collectors can find you in the 1st page.
You are not alone in the chaos of internet.
The Customers will find you so easy…!
F R E E   A D V E R T I S I N G   Permanently
Daily advertising of the Zervas Art Online Gallery in Google, Instagram & Facebook, with more than 1,5 million visitors / month from 190 countries.
The Customers will find you so easy…!  
sales (2).jpg
D I R E C T   S A L E S   Without Percentages 
Direct sales to your customers whole the world at the prices that you want without control and percentages.
F R E E   W E B   M A R K E T I N G Permanently
We work 24 hours a day with the latest marketing strategies and enjoy the maximum level of success.
Our experience of 23 years allows us to know completely the art, the artist and the buyer – collector.


The 1st NEW YORK ART SYMPOSIUM will be awarded to all participant artists:
3 Valuable Certificates + 1 Gold Medal










Thank you!  We will answer to you as soon as possible.

.        .      .     .         .      ZERVAS ART

zervasart@gmail.com9 Androutsou str  Rion 26504  Patras  Greece 

.        .  +30 2610 994 804         +30 6975 758 967




the Privilege  &  Fill the Form :

I confirm my interest to be registered and participate in the artistic
works of the 1st NEW YORK ART FAIR


I aggree with the Terms and Conditions

Thanks for your application.

We will answer to you after 3 days maximoum.