Zervas Art


  1. Payment of the Registration Fee and receive the agreement and the rights to found Zervas Art Club in your country & signature of the agreements with the World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs.
  2. Detailed information about the character and the legal face that Zervas Art Clubs will have in every country, means the success of the Club.
  3. Because the low and the tax system are different from country to country we suggest the most useful Character & Legal Face to every country like: Association, Company, Foundation or another form. Your Club bust to be useful, to have less tax and the necessary respect from the supporters: Members, Artists, Ministries or Sponsors.
  4. Your experience, the information from your tax office & your lawyer will be the best way to show you the useful kind that you have to found “Zervas Art Club” in your country.
  5. Translation, Control, adaptation and correction of the Articles of Association (if it is necessary).
  6. Submit and complete all the necessary documents to your tax office or courts.
  7. Manufacture your stamp with the Logo of your Club.
  8. Post, share and promotion of the establishment and the program of your Zervas Art Club to all your contacts in your country.
  9. Schedule cocktail opening and sending invitations to the: Ministries, Sponsors, Politicians, Artists, Gallerists, friends and lovers of art.
  10. Presentation of your “program” in the ceremony & registration of Sponsors and Supporters on it.