Hello dear future President of Zervas Art Club!                

Thank you very much for your interest to establish ZERVAS ART CLUB in your country!

This move will be a great investment for you with low cost and great benefits!

It will also be a great step for our Organization to welcome your country and your great culture.

WORLD FEDERATION OF ZERVAS ART CLUBS would be glad to welcome you between the Founders & Presidents and include you in the world map of our International Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Organization which is based in 30 countries!

It will be great honor to work together!

Kindly  study carefully the Terms & Conditions of Zervas Art Club’s establishment and the benefits of being Presidents and Founders.


It will be really so wonderful honor and happiness if you found your *Zervas Art Club* and work together as *Members* of the WORLD FEDERATION OF ZERVAS ART CLUBS, under the axis of Culture, Art, Sciences for any country!

Our common organization have today collaboration with artists from 120 countries with around  80.000 friends artists and followers as members, so it is so luxury for us to begin from international level to use a great strategy of *Policy of Culture* with the focus on human!

*Welcome to the world of Zervas Art Clubs* !!!    




is the largest – the only Artistic, Scientific and Cultural Organization, with the largest network in the world with presence in over 140 countries, 30 ZERVAS ART CLUBS, 30 Presidents, over 8,000 associates and more than 80,000 member friends. ZERVAS ART dominates the global culture market with more than 40 events per year.


What makes ZERVAS ART the right choice for FRANCHISE today is: its comparative advantages, leading the global cultural network, continuing education, know-how and a strong world brand name.


By opening a ZERVAS ART CLUB, you invest in a FRANCHISE with very low set up costs and low running costs, with free Secretarial Support and at the same time with high potential for goals and benefits.


By joining ZERVAS ART’s FRANCHISE network, you work for yourself but you’re not alone. In the large family of W.F.Z.A.C. you enjoy the benefits of an independent business organization and at the same time your first step W.F.Z.A.C. and all the people on the network are there to support you every moment.


Come and become the Founder & President of ZERVAS ART CLUN in your country or your city!

Join today and be the President of your country at WORLD FEDERATION OF ZERVAS ART CLUBS!


We have the pleasure to inform you that the daily interest from whole the world is 10 times bigger from this that we are expecting!!! We have every day to check many applications from many countries and cities to found Zervas Art Clubs. The team of Zervas Art is working day and night to be completely everything about the manage and the support of the Clubs.

The realistic prospects are so positive for the near future, and we can look that:

2018-2019=  30 Clubs

2020= 50-60 Clubs

2021 = around 100 Zervas Art Clubs to more than 60 countries 

IT’S TRUE! We create together the biggest International Cultural Artistic & Scientific Organization that will be under the Presidency of people of art, culture and sciences in every country in every big city!  

So, you can take your decision today and found your Zervas Art Club in your City or in your country!!!


This organization of “Zervas Art Clubs” is an important Cultural, Scientific & Artistic “substance”, and same time is great *Business of Culture* !!! We will be happy to add you in the *Unique* ARTISTIC ORGANIZATION that will be founded in more than 60 countries until the end of 2021. The professional ON-LINE SECRETARY will offer to the Presidents of every Club the *success and the profit* …!!!


*World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs* is one great international network that will be based in every country and every big city and same time is the unique *Cultural Business*. We select dynamic and active persons to found and be Presidents in every country and every city. Culture, Art & Science are our materials to use the greatest and the best *Policy of Culture* in national and international level!


We would like to completely inform you about the character and the legal face that *Zervas Art Clubs* have in every country.

Because the low and the tax are different from country to country we suggest the most useful Character & Legal Face to every country like: Association, Company, Foundation or another type that will be useful, will have less tax and will have the necessary respect from the supporters: Members, Artists, Ministries or Sponsors. Your experience & one good lawyer will be the best way to show you the legal face of “Zervas Art Club” in your country.


For the establishment and the Assignment of Rights you have to follow the next steps:


  1. You can manage the deposit of the Registration Fee 2.Sending of the receipt copy
  2. We will send you at the same day the Receipt & the Assignment of the Rights
  3. We will send you the signed Agreement where you will fill your signature and send it back


Just after the payment of the Registration fee:

  1. We will post and promote your Zervas Art Club in 80.000 members/friends for 10 days until your Club be famous in your country and more than 160 other countries.
  2. We will add your Club in the daily advertisement to 160 countries with 5.000-8.000 viewers per day
  3. Also we will create FOR FREE the website of your Club after 5 working days !!!


The Registration fee is different from country to country and city to city!

The minimum invested amount for the FRANCHISE of “Zervas Art Club in City” start from 2.000 until 5.000 euros!

The minimum invested amount for the FRANCHISE of “Zervas Art Club in Country” start from 3.000 until 10.000 euros!


We have studied in detail how the amount invested in Copyright is returned to the President at least in duplicate during the 1st year of operation.

Immediate activation of the Club and the implementation of at least 2 events are a prerequisite.

The 20 years of experience and know-how of our partners and the Secretariat Support of events by the central mechanism and the Support Team of the WORLD FEDERATION OF ZERVAS ART CLUBS are the guarantee for the success, development of the Organization and profit.

You can choose to implement events from the centrally recommended program such as: Symposiums | International Art Exhibitions | National Art Exhibitions | Congresses | Master Classes | Cultural Tourism | Sponsorship etc.

The support and success of your events is our main objective, because the development of Clubs also means the development of our Organization !!!


We offer 100% FREE ON LINE SECRETARY on the DROPBOX. Every President and every Club will have the key to manage the COMPLETELY TECHNICAL SUPPORT with every information for the realization of the annual program, the sponsorship & every detail.

The FREE *ON LINE* SECRETARY means that the Clubs will not need to pay salary for 2 (minimum) secretaries! So, the yearly economic profit is very high.

The 20 years of our experience is the guarantee for the success