of the World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs 

Panagiotis Miltiadis Zervas 

Dear Presidents, partners and friends,

First of all I want to thank from my heart and congratulate the prestigious presidents of Zervas Art Clubs around the world who are the basis of the organization.

The World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs was established to become an International Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Organization based in every country and city.

The purpose of the Zervas Art Clubs that are set up daily is – through its actions – to awaken uplifted societies and consciences and to add a new “Culture Policy” focusing on the people of every country, culture, religion and mentality.

The value table is on a zero basis and the values begin – anyway – to be redefined as a consequence of the multi-crisis in every level. The judgment of values has come as a logical result to confirm the failure of education, visions, politics and, more generally, the systems of administration or demagogy, but also of the doctrines generally.

Culture was and is the nucleus where every virtual or real artistic, social, political or religious system is based and hosted. It is now the political solution and the dynamic headline in rebuilding the list of values.

Art, on the other hand, is the primary factor of civilization. Art is preceded by everything, and it is a irrational answer but also a deeper approach to the mystery of human existence. Culture is slowly following it so that with effort and blood it will be possible to create the new table, which will be characterized by the everlasting values of a true reality.

International Artistic, Cultural and Scientific Organization “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” invites and selects dynamic and distinguished presidents for the establishment of Zervas Art Clubs around the world, presenting a pioneering program in every country and city.


World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs give you an in-depth insight into Business Culture across 30 Countries until today. However, before you look at the business culture definition it is necessary to understand what cultural business is.
Culture illustrates the accepted norms and values and traditional behavior of a group. One definition of culture by Deal and Kennedy is “the way a we do things around here”. However, culture also evolves over time. The culture of each country has its own beliefs, values and activities. In other words culture can be defined as an evolving set of collective beliefs, values, activities and attitudes.
Culture is a key component in business and has an impact on the strategic direction of cultural business. Culture influences management, decisions and all business functions from accounting to production and the development. You may now be thinking predominantly about national culture but this is only one aspect, business culture is its own unique dimension that includes getting off on the right foot, meetings, negotiation, formalities, social media use, internships and work placements and other elements.
Business culture is related to behavior, ethics, etiquette and more. A business culture will encompass as organization’s values, visions, working style, beliefs and habits.


You’re Welcome to Found and be Presidents of “ZERVAS ART CLUB” in your country or your city.
Be members of the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs”!  In every country in every city!
We have the pleasure to inform you that “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” is in process to found Clubs (NGO) in many countries around the world.Zervas Art 
is interested to collaborate with you, if you have the possibilities and the members to open it and be the General President of “Zervas Art Club” in your city / country.


is the largest – the only Artistic, Scientific and Cultural Organization, with the largest network in the world with presence in over 140 countries, 30 ZERVAS ART CLUBS, 30 Presidents, over 8,000 associates and more than 80,000 member friends. ZERVAS ART dominates the global culture market with more than 40 events per year.


What makes ZERVAS ART the right choice for FRANCHISE today is: its comparative advantages, leading the global cultural network, continuing education, know-how and a strong world brand name.


By opening a ZERVAS ART CLUB, you invest in a FRANCHISE with very low set up costs and low running costs, with free Secretarial Support and at the same time with high potential for goals and benefits.


By joining ZERVAS ART’s FRANCHISE network, you work for yourself but you’re not alone. In the large family of W.F.Z.A.C. you enjoy the benefits of an independent business organization and at the same time your first step W.F.Z.A.C. and all the people on the network are there to support you every moment.


Come and become the Founder & President of ZERVAS ART CLUN in your country or your city!





Get the chance to change your life and live in the amazing world of a grand International Cultural, Artistic & Scientific Organization. 

You’re Welcome to Found and be Presidents of “ZERVAS ART CLUB” in your country”! Be members of the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs”! In every country in every big city!

We have the pleasure to inform you that “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” is in process to found Clubs (NGO) in many countries around the world.

World Federation of Zervas Art selected active persons and is interested to collaborate with common basic the development. 

if you have the possibilities and the members to open it, you are welcome to be the General President of “Zervas Art Club” in your city / country.


Zervas Art Club will be between the 5 most famous VIPS of culture in every country.

Zervas Art Club is one of the greatest Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Organization in whole the world, with about80.000 friends and followers in 75 countries! So the President and the members are going to have a lot of benefits.

Zervas Art Club will be the most important Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Organization for any country.

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National & International artistic & cultural Collaborations

Many privileges in the National Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Communities


One of the founding values and guiding principles of the World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs is throughout its history has been its contribution to the progress and prosperity of the world society of culture, on which the Organization long-term and sustainable business success depends.

Standing by these principles, WFZAC has developed a corporate culture that reflects the Organization desire to function responsibly in all the sectors that contribute to sustainable growth, including the market, culture, workers, the community at large and the environment.   Corporate Social Responsibility is “a concept whereby companies integrate social, cultural, artistic and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.”  Stakeholders are “natural and legal persons who are affected directly or indirectly by its decisions and its operations, including artists, collectors, employees, the business community, NGOs, local communities, the government, and media.”

Participation of Sponsors in the welfare of the community

Business activity has always been propelled by the need to make sufficient profit that it can continue to function within the culture in which it works and grows.   In recent years, new conditions generated by the globalized economy have highlighted the need for businesses to participate in social development, and require that corporations pull their weight in helping society and cultures to develop and prosper. Socially responsible companies should make firm commitments to issues such as supporting of cultures, quality of service, the potential to create, defend human rights, protect the environment and preserve the cultural heritage—all key components of CSR. As both an internal company process and an external function, CSR should permeate the sum of activities of modern-day businesses.

World Sponsors are welcome to work and support together the World Culture.

World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs and Corporate Social Responsibility

Having undertaken the role of “responsible citizen” vis-à-vis the community in which it operates, throughout its long history from 1999 onwards , Organization has consistently demonstrated its respect for human values, the welfare of the community, support for entrepreneurship, the preservation of world culture, support for letters and the arts.


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Zervas Art” from 1999 since today is activated into 160 countries, having scratch out an important and continuously arisen route. In addition, I have created an international stream of art and artists, which influences or/and directs, in many cases, the international market of art. 
Zervas Art, created in 2006 the International Scientific Artistic Committee (I.S.A.C.), which is constituted by 20 artists/professors from Universities of fine Arts from 20 countries, which hold meetings frequently by mails, for the program, the research and generally for the important matters which concerns each period. 
International Art Fairs are the most important annual scientific and artistic organization. It was founded in 1999 and every year organize 12-15 artistic and scientific events and participate almost 500 selected and internationally awarded artists/professors from Universities and Academies of Fine Arts as well.
At 2017 created the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” and today is based in 30 countries with 30 Zervas Art Clubs.


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