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Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. In case of cancellation of the event, Zervas Art, or Zervas Art Clubs are obliged to accept the 100% of the prepaid amount as advance for another upcoming event in duration of 3 years.

2. In case a participant artist cancels his participation, (visa refusal or any other reason) the advance isn’t refundable. Artists are obligated to guarantee and explain the reason for their cancellation of participation.  The artists can use the visa only for  travel to the event. In case a participant artist got a visa and don’t take place in the event,  he/her and  is obligated to pay the full amount. 

3. For the protection of the depositor, the advance amount isn’t transferable.  Just the same person can use the amount again for the next event. In case of death or healthy problems the amount can be trasfered.    

4. If the participation of the artists is canceled by his own liability, can use 70% of their advance for the next event in duration of 3 years. These are the agreed terms in the Receipt. 30% of their advance will be kept  for the cost of VAT 24% and the office services: (Creation of posters | Visa letters | Hotel Reservations | Communication with the Embassies | International Promotion in 14 FB profiles and 18 FB Pages to more than 200.000 members | Secretariat Support | Promotion to events websites | Advance payment for the rooms of the artists |  Prepayment of Congress Halls  | communication with the artists …other services).  The same terms will be used for any future cancellation.

5. Zervas Art reserves the right to change or modify the predefined schedule of the event when it is necessary and if there are reasons to do so, safety reasons, better handling of the program, success of the event and facilitating the participant artists.

6. Advances or any other amount can’t be transferred between Zervas Art Clubs. Zervas Art Clubs have the same Brand Name but they are absolutely independent companies from country to country. Artists can use their advances in the next projects of the Zervas Art Club that they have collaboration of any event. Artists can’t transfer advances from Zervas Art to Zervas Art Clubs, and the opposite.

7. If an event is canceled due to other factors such as: weather, terrorist acts, epidemics, demonstrations, war or other extraneous factors, Zervas Art is obliged to postpone the event and organize new ones. Advances will be 100% free of charge for artist participation in the new event. Advances are not refundable.

8. Artists can use the legal part of the advance to get any service of Zervas Art

9. The artworks that will be created during the works, are officially granted and are permanently added to the Zervas Art Collection. The copyrights of these works will henceforth belong to Zervas Art. Every white canvas given to the artists is charged and must be returned. Participating artists are not eligible to work at the event for their own benefit, which will harm the event.

The full payment of the participation fee must be made 15 days before the start date of the event. In case of non-payment of the balance, the Embassy is informed and the visa is revoked (cancellation).

11. The City Tax for the saty in the hotels is not included in the participation fee

12. ZERVAS ART CLUBS / TERMS & POLICY : Exactly the same terms and policies apply for all Zervas Art Clubs of any country. 


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The evaluation and certification of the price of a artwork involves a multi-level study, with equally many parameters and characteristics.  Highly qualified associates of Zervas Art with many years of experience, study, research, conclude and unanimously agree on the price.  ECISPA is the necessary and basic guarantee for the investment of art buyers, that they will not lose their money and invest in a healthy global environment.


Take  the  big step, register  and change you r life forever!
Come today to the special  VIP  world of  culture  and art!
Become a member  of the unique aristocracy of the spirit!


Take  the  big step, register  and change you r life forever!
Come today to the special  VIP  world of  culture  and art!
Become a member  of the unique aristocracy of the spirit!


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