What are the steps that I have to follow to establish and be President of Zervas Art Club in my country?
  • You have to request (from our supporting team) and study the complete information, Agreement & Terms
  • You must have the time to found an activate Zervas Art Club
  • We will send you the Official Invitation to invite you to be Founder & President
  • You have to pay the Registration fee for your country (the registration fee can be different from country to country)
  • Just after the payment we will promote for 10 days your Presidency to our community of 80.000 members in 160 countries
  • Start your Official Registration

What is the profit for the founders / Presidents of “Zervas Art Clubs”?
  • World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs is one of the greatest Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Organization in the whole world, with about 80.000 friends and followers in 160 countries! So the President and the members are going to have a lot of benefits
  • Zervas Art Club is the most important Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Organization for any country
  • Member Cards from the Fedration also from the Club UNESCO of Achaia (powerful European & international cultural document)
  • National & International promotion
  • National & International artistic & cultural collaborations
  • Presidents of Zervas Art Club is famous VIP’S of culture in every country
  • Many privileges in the National Artistic, Cultural & Scientific Communities

What is the cultural or artistic program of “Zervas Art Clubs”?

Except from the basic annual program of our Club, we will also organize events like: cultural, scientific, artistic, humanitarian, social & touristic.

Our purpose is the national cultural consciousness and the culture of peace.

  • Cultural – Scientific Congresses & Conferences
  • Contemporary Policy of Culture
  • Cultural Freedom
  • Multicultural Societies, Countries & world
  • Culture as a basis of economic development


International Painting Exhibition

Professors Annual Art Exhibition from the University of Fine Arts of the country

Students Annual Art Exhibition from the University of Fine Arts of the country

Dedication in famous artist (Picasso, Dali, Mone, Rebrand, Brack, Climt e.t.c)


  • UNESCO National Heritage
  • Annual ceremony of UNO’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Program & work presentation of GREENPEACE
  • Program & work presentation of ACTION AID
  • Kids Painting Exhibition from African children with the collaboration of ACTION AID
  • Program & work presentation of MEDICINES SANS FRONTIERS
  • Annual ceremony of UNO’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Zervas Art Clubs in the whole world organize great cultural events under the collaboration of every Organization worldwide where supports the “Culture of Humans”, with purpose to wake and sensitize consciences and societies.


Annual fundraiser for humanitarian aid in African countries

Priority will be given to health and education

Support of Educational Programs of UNICEF against Illiteracy for underdeveloped countries


5 days Master Classes / Seminars program:

Painting / Collage / Mixed Media / Pastel / Abstract / Drawing / Engraving / Sculpture / Photography

Watercolor  / Traditional musical instruments / Traditional music dances


Five-day tourist packages to visit the country’s most important cultural monuments

Five-day tourist packages to visit the country’s most important national agricultural products


Daily festival of every field of national folklore dances

International Video Art Festival

What is the profits if I be participant in the events of Zervas Art Clubs?

Up to 2.500 great artists, Professors & students of art are used to participate to “Zervas Art International Painting Symposiums / Master Classes” since 1999 to meet with the CULTURES OF COSMOS.

  • International promotion of your name to around 1.500.000 artists, collectors, galleries & lovers of art in 160 countries, through advertisement and useful interactions to the social media.
  • Three (3) Certificates / Honorary Awards signed by UNESCO & Zervas Art precious for your Academic & professional career
  • Collaboration with important artists and galleries from many countries for the promotion of your work and your activities in new markets with new horizons
  • Teaching & Participation to the Zervas Art International Artistic MASTER CLASSES
  • Your artwork will be added to the World wide Collection of Zervas Art
  • Communication and amusement with artists from whole the world with similarities and differences & Exchange of your artistic technique with the other participant artists
  • Amazing artistic and cultural experience in the best destinations & Parallel live artistic creation between different cultures and languages of art
  • Creation of new friendship relations with important artists and collaborators
  • The best escape from the hard daily routine to the dreaming artistic festivals in the most wonderful cities of Greece and the best capitals of the world
  • Your official meeting with the Greek & World culture


What are the steps that I have to follow to participate in the upcoming International Painting Symposiums of Zervas Art Clubs?
  • Visit to the webpage of the event ad study of the information
  • Official Registration and payment of the advance
  • Sending of documents that will be requested from you
  • Sending of Visa letter and Hotel reservation if you need it

What mean Painting Symposium?

… isn’t another one academician event that  makes art critic or  sale paintings to the lovers of art.

Many theorists talk about art and artists but understand and feel so little…because they stay in front of one completed picture and try to say what they remember and what they read about art and of course they talk about something that they can’t do.

“Only the artist stay in front of the empty and white canvas and try to put life’s color and light on the “white” that is more difficult level from the black dark”.

Painting Symposiums of Zervas Art is one “open” international artistic workshop and since the 1st

organization in 2002 touched the soul of creators and creation, because it’s international palette,because is dialogue with the language of art, because accept as advantage the differences, because born and support the artistic creation as answer that no one asks.

In the Symposium time the artists are free to create what  the galleries and collectors don’t need… the communication between countries ,cultures and differences acts like power that the artist never can has in his working place’s palette, where he must be absolutely alone.

In the Symposium time  the words aren’t so important, also the words are too poor to explain the mystery of life and the mystery of art that is the last hope in the human soul. The official and international language of art is the basis of Painting Symposium, which is so enough for the communication of people, with similarities and differences.

Every dialect of art language, every level of artist, every grammar of painting can participate to the international artistic dialogue to create and discuss with colors and give to the visitors the only one luxury experience to follow the building of one artwork.

“International Painting Symposiums of Zervas Art, love and respect all artists as creators, but first of all… try and offer one reason for creation without conditions and limits …. without reason, as an answer to someone who never asked!”

Civilization is so long term application to cover our range… but is the only way.-

Which artists present Master Classes in the Symposiums? How can I participate?


What exactly is the support of Zervas Art for Visa?

World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs is the responsible for the visa support and  the signs the document.

Zervas Art Clubs send the visa letter and the hotel reservation to the artists and the Embassies.

In many cases Zervas Art Club call to the Embassies to support and give more information to the consulates

What exactly is the International Promotion for the participant artists?

Can I transfer my advance from Zervas Art Club to another Zervas Art Club?

If I will not get visa for some event and I don’t get visa, have I right to participate in future events? Or I will lost my advance?


What is the Online Gallery? and what will be profit if I open Online Exhibition?

How I can open my solo Exhibition in the Online Gallery?


From which year Zervas Art is active?

Zervas Art, from 1999 since today is activated into 160 countries, having scratch out an important and continuously arisen route. In addition, I have created an international stream of art and artists, which influences or/and directs, in many cases, the international market of art.  Zervas Art, created in 2006 the International Scientific Artistic Committee (I.S.A.C.), which is constituted by 20 artists/professors from Universities of fine Arts from 20 countries, which hold meetings frequently by mails, for the program, the research and generally for the important matters which concerns each period.

International Art Fairs are the most important annual scientific and artistic organization. It was founded in 1999 and every year organize 12-15 artistic and scientific events and participate almost 500 selected and internationally awarded artists/professors from Universities and Academies of Fine Arts as well.

To how many countries is based Zervas Art today?


At 2017 created the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” and today is based in 28 countries with 30 Zervas Art Clubs.

You’re Welcome to Found and be Presidents of “ZERVAS ART CLUB” in your country”! Be members of the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs”! In every country in every city!

We have the pleasure to inform you that “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” is in process to found Clubs (NGO) in many countries around the world.

Zervas Art selected you and is interested to collaborate with you, if you have the possibilities and the members to open it and be the General President of “Zervas Art Club” in your city / country.

Contact us for more information

In which other sectors Zervas Art is activated?

World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs

Art Social Community

Patras Biennale

Academic Art Congress

Art Magazine

Online Art Gallery