To register members by accepting empowerment and legal support of any kind in order to achieve the goals of Zervas Art Clubs:

Publication of presses, Newspapers, Books, Magazines and other printed matter

Organization of International Conferences, Symposiums, TV and Radio Shows, Meetings, Speeches,  Summits, Study Groups, Exhibitions, Projections, Musical, Theater, Dance, Sports, and other cultural events.

The organization of travel and the hosting of teachers from higher schools of Fine Arts or other scientific and cultural or artistic agents from any other country.

The promotion, exhibition, support all forms of contemporary art in the international community

The operation of spaces for the teaching of visual arts, with a high level of teaching, at an international level in the form of a University / Academy or other form related to the teaching of art and provided by the law.

The participation and operation of television broadcasting and the transmission of cultural, artistic messages, for the development of the Culture of Peace and Coexistence between people and peoples.

The acquisition of land and the construction of Hospitality Agencies, Cultural, Scientific, Religious and other forms of Tourism. The construction of various Traditional Visitor Units of Agro-touristic Interest, which will highlight tradition and culture.