The Registration Fee is set at € 3.500 + 1.500 for the Ambassador of the country

All Zervas Art Clubs in each country are required to register as members in the National Unions of Zervas Art Clubs in their country.

Responsibilities of the Unions:

  • The registration of the members (Presidents) of all Zervas Art Clubs of their country with a registration fee of € 20 – 100 and will be withheld by Unions.
  • The establishment of new Clubs and the development of the Organization in their country or in another country. Unions keep 30% of the Registration Fees (Copyrights) from their registrations.
  • Unions will get 12% – 30% from all the events and services of “Zervas Art”, that they will use or sale by them self.
  • Zervas Art offer 12% for any registration that Union will send to the Zervas Art events
  • Will get the 3% from the amounts that have to pay the members Zervas Art Clubs of the country to the Federation.
  • The collection of the Annual Subscription of the Clubs and the payment of 70% of the collected amount to the World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs. 30% of the amount collected will be withheld by Unions.
  • The cooperation, support and activation of all Clubs in their country.
  • The coordination, cooperation and executive management of the Clubs without the right to interfere in their (legal) work.
  • The payment of the Annual Subscription of 70% to the Federation.
  • The legal and the statutory operation of the Clubs.
  • The removal of any President who violates the statutory rules of the Organization.
  • The organization of the annual National General Assembly where all the Ambassadors – Presidents of all the Clubs of the country will participate, with a participation cost that is a decision of the Union.
  • The registration of ordinary members with an annual fee which is a decision of the Union.
  • Their participation in the Annual World Conference of Ambassadors – Presidents of the Organization that will take place every May in Patras-Greece for 3 days. Participation cost with full hospitality and touristic program = 450 € (the event will take place the May of 2022).
    – Every Union or Club have the right to organize this event in his country – city.-