The Registration Fee is set at € 1.500

All Zervas Art Clubs in each country are required to register as members of the National Unions of Zervas Art Clubs.

Zervas Art Clubs in Countries are responsible for:

  • Clubs will get 12% – 30% from all the events and services of “Zervas Art”, that they will use or sale by them self.
  • Zervas Art offer 12% for any registration that Clubs will send to the Zervas Art events
  • Payment of their registration fee to the National Union of Zervas Art Clubs of their country.
  • The establishment of new Clubs and the development of the Organization in their country or in another country. They keep 30% of the Registration Fees.
  • The cooperation and mutual support between the Clubs of their country.
  • The payment of the Annual Subscription of 150 € to the Federation.
  • Their legal and statutory operation.
  • Their participation in the annual national General Assembly of the National Union of Zervas Art Clubs,where all the Ambassadors – Presidents of all the Clubs of the country will participate. The registration of members with an annual fee which is a decision of the Unions.
  • Their participation in the Annual World Conference of Ambassadors – Presidents of the Organization that will take place every May in Patras-Greece for 3 days. Participation cost with full hospitality and touristic program = 450 € (the event will take place the May 2020).
    – Every Union or Club have the right to organize this event in his country – city.-