Wall: H250cm x L400cm


R E A L   D R E A M
Art Cosmos have the honor to welcome your participation in the world artistic dialogue in the heart of Paris, in the hearτ of the biggest museum in the world.
The grand event will take place on 19, 20 & 21 August 2022 in the CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE
Choose the size of the walls that you will exhibit your artworks:

1. Wall: H250cm x L100cm  =    990€
2. Wall: H250cm x L200cm = 1.650€
3. Wall: H250cm x L300cm = 2.400€
4. Wall: H250cm x L400cm =  3.200€
5. Wall: H250cm x L500cm =  3.990€





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10  R E A S O N S
that change your life with your participation in the big international art exhibition, in the heart of the largest and most famous museum in the world:

1. It is the most important moment of your life
2. Make your dream come true and exhibit in “LOUVRE – Carrousel”
3. Add to your CV the highest honor
4. Get your hands on the most important certification for your art and your academic career
5. With the certification of your participation in the LOUVRE – Carrousel, the sales of your works increase sharply
6. Conquer the certificates – keys that open all the doors
7. It’s time for the big step in your career
8. We made your dream come true and we invite you to exhibit in the center of the cosmos
9. We have opened the way for you to the LOUVRE – Carrousel and your success
10. Live the greatest artistic experience and be a real famous artist




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