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  1. You do not pay for:
    — Annual domain name cost
    — Annual security costs
    — Advertising
    — Annual cost of hosting on a Server
    — Annual maintenance costs
    — Huge sums of money for the construction
    — Outrageous sums of money for upgrades – updates
    — SEO
  1. You only pay once
  2. You are not wasting your time unfairly. A full email to Zervas Art is enough to enjoy your website on the largest art platform.
  3. Because Zervas Art is the only artistic organization with a “web department”!
  4. Because Zervas Art has been by your side for 22 years and knows you and your needs well.
  5. Only for artists
  6.  10 Years Guarantee of Good Operation


We do not earn € 500 from 1 website — we earn € 500 but from 10 websites !!!

The surprisingly low price we can offer our artists is based on the combination:

  1. Low profit per website
  2. Scientific training
  3. Web Department staffing with the best
  4. Expertise
  5. Time management
  6. Excellent technological equipment


5.000 visitors per day in Zervas Art platform

By creating and hosting your website on the Zervas Art platform you are ensuring your visibility in the chaos of the internet.

As you have already understood very well, a website has no luck and that is why we have the appearance of powerful social media, which also can not inform completely collectors, buyers or customers of art.

Your website is based on the unique International Art Organization “Zervas Art” which is displayed daily with alternating – targeted ads in about 160 countries.

The guaranteed and measured daily traffic exceeds 5,000 visitors and shows a continuous increase. So these are the metrics and the foundation on which you build your new website.

You are not alone – lost on the internet !!!

You are hosted on Zervas Art’s world-unique artistic multi-platform arand it is now easy for art clients to find you.

We are together !!!


You do not have to worry about the safe operation of your website.

Your website is hosted on one of the largest platforms in the world and you are supported by the most secure and reliable insurance programs.

The Zervas Art platform guarantees the safe operation of your website with permanent validity and at no cost to you.


Zervas Art’s giant server is based in the USA.

This is a state-of-the-art server that is monitored daily by our technicians for proper operation.

Our common server is upgraded at regular intervals.

Your website is hosted on our server for free with permanent validity.



You do not have to pay the annual cost for your domain name.

On the contrary, we provide it for free with the great gift that the visitors of Zervas Art are also your guests.

Anyone looking for Zervas Art discovers you!



You do not have to worry about getting the most out of your website.

The operating systems and the base of your website are constantly monitored by us.

Your website is checked, supported and upgraded on a monthly basis by our technicians for its proper operation.

All you need is your mouse and our e-mail!

The Support Team of Zervas Art Web Department is at your disposal at any time to assist you.


Your website is checked, supported and upgraded on a monthly basis by our technicians for its proper operation.

The Support Team of Zervas Art Web Department is at your disposal at any time to assist you.


The global promotion of Zervas Art multi-platform is our daily interest and responsibility.

The Web Department of Zervas Art designs and bases ads on its own strategy.

Your website is live within the Zervas Art Web Community and has a thousand times more chances to be selected by search engines.

The marketing department of Zervas Art guarantees that soon 40% of those interested in art will end up with to Art and you.


The International Artistic Community of Zervas Art has the potential and a thousand fold chance of being displayed by search engines to art clients, because the platform already receives more than 5,000 visitors daily.

The years to come are the years of web sales.

The internet is gaining ground daily due to the pandemic and consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to buying from the internet.

Zervas Art has been building the largest brand name in the field of art since 1999 and we are the first to support the global and effective promotion of our artists through strategy and organization, through our services:

Web Department
Online Art Gallery
Online Art Exhibitions
Web Art Magazine
Artist Encyclopedia
Web TV  (coming soon)
Web Radio  (coming soon)

click Zervas Art and find Your Self
because we are one on the web