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Dilemma_Oil on Canvas_120cm x 120cm_2024_$5,000

  Title: Dilemma

Love_Oil on Canvas_120cm x 120cm_2022_$6,000

   Title: Love

Marriage_Oil on Canvas_100cm x 120cm_2022_$5,000

   Title: Marriage

Unity 1_Oil on Canvas_100cm x 90cm_2023_$ 4,000

   Title: Unity

Untitled_Oil on Canvas_100cm x 120cm_2022_$7,000

   Title: Untitled

Untitled_Oil on Canvas_105cm x 105cm_2020_$7,000

   Title: Untitled

Untitled_Oil on Canvas_110 cm x 110cm_2024_$5,000

   Title: Untitled

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As an artist, I prioritize ideas, mulling them over before my brushes touch canvas. In the past, I embarked on long walks, but now, in my older years, I sit in the studio, contemplating the concept at hand.

The art of painting, a grace-bestowed gift, implies both a giver and a receiver. I embrace this belief wholeheartedly, as I am the humble recipient, faithfully copying what is bestowed upon me.

Beyond the visual realm, I received a gift of poetry, a treasure I truly relish. In the realm of verse, I perceive myself as a great poet, perhaps even the finest. My poems traverse the spectrum of emotions, for therein lies the essence of poetic expression. Serenity and turmoil coexist, both bearing inherent beauty. Just as being right brings joy, so does embracing being wrong. Through my paintings and poems, I manifest these convictions and sentiments.

As a grateful recipient and replicator, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. Astonished, I find that certain drawings and poems appear detached from my own hand and pen. It is then that I realize I have been blessed with inspiration.

I would be delighted if my viewers perceive my paintings in this same spirit. However, I do not wish to confine your interpretation solely to this perspective. Art invites you to see it as it reveals itself to you, as you comprehend it. Thank you, and may God bestow honor upon you.


Balageroch: Intertwined Fibers of Love, Unity, and Pride in Ethiopia’s Chromatic Symphony”

When reflecting on my paintings, I feel as though I have already expressed myself through the language of colors and shapes, infused with my spirit. These artworks encapsulate truths, moments, joys, and hopes that have manifested themselves to me, allowing me to forge an intimate connection with them. They serve as a portrayal of both the present and a foreshadowing of the future, while also reflecting the echoes of past actions and the intricate tapestry of historical narratives. These paintings are born from the keen observations of the myriad beauties that grace my life’s journey.

At times, within the refuge of my studio, I find myself exploring new ideas that had previously eluded me, unearthing uncharted territory on the canvas and leaving behind my original intentions. It is within these moments of artistic exploration that I am truly astounded and humbled; witnessing the organic growth of my thoughts and ideas taking form on the canvas. This, I believe, is the very essence that propels my artistic pursuits forward. This is why I am among those who believe that an artist should never stay away from the studio.

Example 1:

The pressing problems and concerns that weigh upon us, disturb our peace, and even ail our souls—these palpable evils can be dissolved by the mighty force of good words. A person who comprehends this wisdom holds the power to redeem us through their words.

As an artist, I do not need words to convey such messages. Nor do I need to reiterate problems that are already known to society. My unique language and worldview have been bestowed upon me through my experiences and my immersion in the realm of art. The problems I have listed can be expressed through words, whether in poetic or prosaic form. However, they have come to me as dry wood, ignited by passion; as relentless thoughts that refuse to sleep; as current circumstances that reign over the moment. The power to extinguish the fire does not solely rest in the flowing waters of a river; it resides in the illuminating truth, the affectionate hues, the gentle moistness, and the captivating beauty that engulfs the flames. It is a profound love that emerges from the depths, surpassing the intensity of the inferno—a healing remedy. This serves as a resounding testament to the transformative might of good words for those fortunate enough to have experienced it.

Example 2:

The series of paintings titled “Balager” simply captures the very essence of our nation, embodying the spirit of its people who are deeply connected to their homeland. These artworks represent the collective image we share, embodying the vibrant colors passed down by our ancestors: green, yellow, and red. It is my heartfelt desire that every Ethiopian, with their diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of life, finds unity under this shared banner and embraces it as a source of immense pride.

These paintings have been created to symbolize love, togetherness, and greatness through the use of green, yellow, and red colors. I have named these artworks “Balager” to highlight the fact that both men and women are depicted wearing the colors of the Ethiopian flag. One individual even has the flag’s colors tattooed on his neck, while another adorns their prayer stick with the flag or has the stick itself painted with the three colors. I have endeavored to depict various ways in which a person can be identified as a balager.

Much can be explored regarding the national flag and the profound meanings behind its colors. It was my contemplation on the notion of ownership of our country that inspired this artistic portrayal. At the core of it all lies the deep-seated love that a balager holds for their flag. Recognizing the depth of this love, I have composed a poem as a tribute to celebrate the flag and its significance.

The hue of St. Mary’s belt and the crown of the El

Brushed by the Word, like a tapestry of heaven and earth

Ghion’s tattoo, adorning the heavens

Love and awe of the heroic soul

The ridge adorned with pride

Spring, river, and vast sea

The forest, its creatures, urban life, and rural expanse

The hero’s love unfurled

From corner to corner, from edge to edge

Uniting the diverse and unrelated

Green, yellow, red, harmoniously entwined.


Example 3:

The enchanting concept of “By His kindness” has forever captivated my mind. Yet, I struggle to fully visualize and paint its essence. Each attempt halts my heart in deep contemplation. I comprehend that mere sorcery cannot account for all that unfolds; it is the divine benevolence that shapes our reality. It is not solely attained through human endeavors, but solely by His kindness. It surpasses intricate wisdom and comprehension, resting solely on His boundless grace. This notion perplexes my thoughts. Within His kindness resides the very essence of God. It is through faith that His presence is revealed. In faith, the spirit finds strength, an unspoken wisdom of the soul. Translating this profound idea onto canvas proves to be a daunting task.

However, on a fateful night, while consumed by dissatisfaction with my painting’s progress, I found myself erasing and making corrections. In that moment, a revelation swept over me—I was crafting a visual manifestation of “by His kindness.” It was an evening blessed with divine inspiration. The image effortlessly unveiled itself upon a small canvas, measuring 45 by 60. In a glass, blooms unfolded, majestic and tender. Yet, no water filled the vessel. How, then, did these flowers blossom? – By His kindness. How did they stand firm in an empty glass? – By His kindness. From which land do the people symbolized by these flowers originate? – Ethiopia.  And who is their deity? – “Thank you, God.”

That night was truly remarkable.





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