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Bachelor of Laws (Dr. Roberto Taruselli de Dolores High School)
Commercial secretary (Graduated from the Santa Teresa de Jesús school in Montevideo)

Plastic arts with local artists and with Julio Fajardo in Mercedes (5 years)

Abstract art workshops with Ricardo Bachicha Rodrìguez (Carmelo) and Gustavo Alamòn in Mercedes.

Engraving course with Pedro Peralta Duarte in Mercedes, Literature with the writer Helena Corbellini
Framing courses, decorative painting, ceramics, cartapesta, carving, aluminum embossing, making candles and handmade soaps, sugar confectionery, horticulture, floral design, collage, batik, false batik, silk painting, muralism, among others.

Languages: Portuguese and English

  • Work “Fauces” selected representing Soriano in the annex hall of the Legislative Palace in the first Hall organized by F.R.I.E.M. (Nov 2006)
  • Work “Basta”, second prize in the contest “For the rights of Women” Casablanca, Paysandú, 2012. This work was donated and auctioned off to benefit the shelter for women created at the Oblate Sisters College in Buenos Aires.
  • Work “El Murguista” participates in the exhibition “19 Uruguayan artists” in the hall of U.T.U (Montevideo) and is published in the book made for that event.
  • Recognition BY THE CAUSE OF SORIANO for trajectory and cultural contribution to the department.

Collective exhibitions in Dolores, Mercedes, Carmelo, Paysandú, Montevideo, San Gregorio de Polanco, Gualeguaychú, Buenos Aires, Kosovo, Patras (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Prague (Czech Republic), Vercelli Museum (Italy), etc.

Some spaces where she has exhibited: Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesús, Paz y Unión Recreational Center, Iris de López Crespo Library, El Vitral Cultural Center, Lacán Guazú Museum, Marcelo Martínez Seguros Gallery, in Dolores.

In 2014 she organized a collective exhibition with his students from El Vitral in the La Concordia Spa.

Itinerant Exhibition Puertas del Plata
Traveling exhibition “Hug you”
Itinerant exhibition “For the rights of women and against gender violence”
Collective exhibition “Art in the patio” Dolores
Collective exhibition “Our Art” Manzana Veinte, Mercedes

Collective exhibition at Casa de la Cultura in Mercedes with the Soriano Plastic Artists Association

Collective exhibition at the House of Culture of Paysandù

Collective exhibition in San Gregorio de Polanco and mural painting in the sports arena of that city

Since 2014 he begins to hold exhibitions in open-air public spaces and exhibits with his students in the boulevard, squares and streets of Dolores.

For years it has adhered to the world poetry event “Word in the World” summoning poets, musicians and plastic artists to pay homage to art and the word.

Participate in the Trocarte event, (Exchange of artistic works for objects) Lacàn Guazù Museum.

Individual Samples:
“Evolution” Casapuerta, Mercedes
“Our Art” Manzana Veinte, Mercedes
“In dialogue” Private Space
Marcelo Martinez Insurance Gallery
El Vitral Cultural Center (Annual)

In 2013 she traveled to Greece invited to participate in CULTURAL OF COSMOS PAINTING SIMPOSIUM, an event organized by Zervas Art. Gallery painting two works in situ together with. artists of various nationalities. The works are exhibited and become part of the gallery.

In 2015 he participated in the international symposium that takes place in the municipality of Istanbul, Turkey, organized by Zervas Art Gallery and Unesco, working for a week with more than 50 artists.

In 2017 she traveled to the Czech Republic to the international symposium in Prague, PRAGUE ART FAIR, convened again by Zervas Art Gallery to an international live painting event, which includes master classes and exhibitions. Two of his works remain in the possession of the gallery.

In 2016, he participated with his students in the event “Pintó Dolores” where artists from all over the country come to paint walls in the city after the tornado.

In 2018, he shows “Painters of Soriano” in homage to Trinidad Guevara, House of Culture of Mercedes.

In 2019, she was selected to integrate, along with 17 Uruguayan and foreign women artists, the artistic residency “LA MIRADA QUE SE MIRA A SE MISMA” an event of coexistence and work at the Guaviyú Hot Springs, in Paysandú. The two works painted there remain in the possession of the House of Culture of Paysandú.

In 2020 he carries out virtual exhibitions with students from his workshop and organizes the TRIBUTE TO MARIO BENEDETTI exhibition with the support of local musicians and poets.

In 2021 he gives interviews and talks to artistic high school students and children from Colegio San Salvador, contributing and sharing experiences with children and adolescents. 3 of his small-format works are exhibited at the Postal Art Show at the Borgogna Museum, Vercelli, Italy and are part of the book published for the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri
He makes cover art for the CD “Historias de Pueblo” by the group Trastornados.

In 2021, he represents Soriano in the 19 URUGUAYAN ARTISTS Project organized by UTU to visualize artists from the interior of the country with an exhibition of two works in the Pedro Figari room of UTU, Montevideo.

She is part of the ARTISTIC INVASION collective, which is set up with the aim of bringing art to different areas inside the department.

With the Artistic Invasion collective, he held the exhibition “Majestuosamente desde el fuego” at the Dolores House of Culture, an exhibition that moved to the Sobre Rieles tourist center in Santa Catalina and to the Maeso museum in Villa Soriano. “What is certain is what is uncertain” at the Alejandro Berro Museum (Castillo de Mauá) in Mercedes, Soriano- for the cycle “Museums at night”.

In September she also holds an individual exhibition “Sin Filtros” in the gallery of the municipal swimming pool in Dolores.

In November she participates in the expo accompanying the
Day for non-violence against women, together with social groups, in Plaza Constitución de Dolores.

In December, in the amphitheater of the Casa de la Cultura in Mercedes, he receives a RECOGNITION FOR THE CAUSE OF SORIANO, awarded by the Soriano Departmental Board for his career and contribution to the culture of Soriano. Collaborate on the wall for the El Espinillo School.

In December, she organizes and participates in the Annual Exhibition of the El Vitral Workshop” on the El Camoatí boulevard in Dolores.

In February 2022, she collaborates promoting the inauguration of the Paseo de los Artesanos in the La Concordia Spa, organizing a collective expo.

In March, she exhibits in “Mujeres creadoras de Ayer y de Hoy” in the art gallery of the Eusebio Giménez de Mercedes Library.

May 26, 2022, exhibits in the first “Art and Literature Walk” at the Dolores Agricultural Association-
With the artistic Invasion collective, he made the poster to be presented for the 60th edition of the Dolores Spring Festival.

Participate in the event “Grills and Wines” and paint barrels with artists from Colonia, on the property of the El Camoatí de Dolores Association. Together with Invasión Artística, it organizes a collective exhibition calling to accompany the Spring Festival with allusive works. House of Culture of Dolores.

In December 2023, individual exhibition “Encendida” with presentation of illuminated paintings, works in encaustic and made on sintra (PVC).

In December 2023, a collective exhibition for the 20th anniversary of his El Vitral workshop, on the Rambla costanera El Camoatí de Dolores. The Municipality of Dolores awards him a plaque in recognition of his career and for the twenty years of the El Vitral workshop contributing to the culture of the city.

She created the El Vitral Cultural Center in 2002, a space dedicated to providing courses in plastic arts, crafts, and languages ​​and holding cultural events, exhibitions, book presentations, talks, photographic shows, and all kinds of events related to cultural dissemination in the city. 

In 2006 she presided over the Municipal Commission of Culture of Dolores.

Currently, she continues to teach painting classes for children, adolescents, and adults in her new workshop, but now more dedicated to her own artistic work and to the investigation of new forms of expression.





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