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   Title: Fauvism style 

   Title: The one

   Title: Under the Moon 

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   Title: The daughter of Agnor

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   Title: Untitled



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Haitham Al-Hamad is interested in music and painting, his gifts appeared since childhood, especially oriental and classical music, and reading literary stories. His passion for art increased since 1988, when he began studying fine arts at Damascus University, where he realized the value of true art by studying deeply in art and delving into it.  Haitham was greatly influenced by impressionism, and the emerging free color. He was deeply and strongly impressed by Van Gogh’s expressive style.

  He discovered the origins of fine arts and its techniques in his postgraduate studies in which he studied the art history of Syria extending back thousands of years, where he eventually turned to Islamic arts as they represent the Arab culture.

Later, during his stay in Qatar, Al-Hamad was able, to discover the techniques and media that helped him a lot in finding the ideal ways to express his vision and philosophy.  Through his successive artistic practices, and his participation in many local and international exhibitions, Al-Hamad was able to obtain international awards.[1]

The first award was from the London Biennale on Conceptual Art, this award was the culmination of his belief that he believed in since the beginning. He believes that art must have ideas, meanings, and human messages, that convey them to sight and insight.  Art is not just a visual pleasure that ends with the end of this pleasure.


Haitham Al Hamad was born in Homs, Syria, receiving his Bachelor degree in 1992, and Graduate degree in Mural Painting in 1994. Al Hamad participated in various art and cultural fairs, as well as showcasing his art in many galleries in Syria, Qatar and international shows. Interested in Islamic painting, especially the Islamic miniatures. Haitham Al Hamad is currently residing in Qatar, working at the Doha Fire Station ” Artistes in residence”



Adham Ismail Center for Fine Arts 1986

Graduated from Damascus University: college of Fine Arts1992.

High grade diploma in Muralpainting1994.


Trainer by,FatheMudares and Nazir Nabaa

  • Member of Qatar Fine Arts Associations.
  • Member of Syrian Fine Arts Associations.
  • Member of Americans for the Arts 2018.
  • Member of Fine Art America.
  • Member of NBAK Netherlands.




  • First Fair in Higher Institute for Dramatic Art and music 1992.

·         Solo Fair in Deir Atiyeh museum in Syria1993.

  • Solo Fair in Russian cultural center in Damascus1994.
  • Solo exhibition in Italy / Rome- Expo Chianciano2017.
  • Solo exhibition inalmarkhiya gallery2020 / A dream in yellow
  • Solo exhibition in Q Museums fire station / Artists in Residency G3/ The selective 2021
·         Annual Autumn fairfor Syrian artistes, Syria1996.
  • Taking part in the seventeenth gallery of the Fine arts in Qatar in2004.
  • Taking part in the eighteenth gallery of the Fine arts in Qatar in2005.
  • Doha fifth culture festival 2006 visual artgathering.
·         Asian visual art exhibition2006.
  • Annual autumn fair for Syrian artistes,Syria2007.
  • The 20th general exhibition October, in Qatar2007.
  • Gallery artists of the Syrian community in Al hoshe in Qatar (Rhythms of Colors )2010.
  • Art Vancouver exhibition 2018 .
  • Al Markhiya gallery/Katara Art Center Qatar 2018.
  • Al Markhiya gallery Fire Station 2019.
  • “Water for Life” International Art Exhibition, Third Edition at the Universidad del Caribe, Cancun, Quintana Roo, MEXICO. November 7-15, 2019.
  • The Endangered, Can Art Save Them? International online Exhibition .Art Impact // Washington, DC 2020.
  • Al hoshegallery / reflection 2021
  • “Sketch” Exhibition 20 Sep to 9 Oct 2021 Katara Bu 19.
  • urbanization-and-health International online Exhibition.Art Impact // Washington,2022
  • Art Eindhoven / April 2022
  • Knokk art fair / Belgium 2022
  • “War or Peace” International Art Exhibition & ContestArt Impact® International, IncWashington, DC 2022
  • Winner –3rd place London Art Biennale / Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road2017.
  • XIth Florence Biennale 2017 / “eARTh: creativity and sustainability”PadiglioneSpadolini in the Fortezza da Basso 2017
  • 1st  place London Art Biennale Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road2019


  • ICOM / Developing engaging exhibition.
  • Qatar Museums / Recognition and Appreciation.
  • Qatar University / distinguished education.
  • Collection management, display &care.
  • Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.
  • UCL / Mapping Living Heritage.
  • UCL / Introduction to Aerial Archeology.
  • UCL / Working with children in museum, Libraries And Archives.
  • UCL / Inspiring Objects.
  • The Ministry of Education and Higher Education / coins art.





  • Mosaic Restoration in the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria96
  • Lecturer in the institute of museums and archaeology in Damascus1996-1999
  • The Visual Arts Center / Creative Art courses 2002 – 2003
  • The Ministry of Education and Higher Education and depended schools 999– 2010
  • Qatar Museums Coins department 2010 – 2012
  • Working in Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar 2013- 2016.
  • Fire Station Artists in residence QM 2016 – 2021
  • The New York Times Art for Tomorrow Conference W Doha 2017
  • Doha Cultural Festival 2002 /2003
  • Artists in residence exhibition catalogues Doha Fire Station from 2015 to 202.


The collection


  • Higher Institute for Dramatic Art and music Damascus Syrian 1992 .
    • Deir Atiyah Museum Syria 1993 .
    • Privet collectors in Syria 1992 .
    • Privet collectors in Germany 1998 .
    • Qatar Ministry culture 2 Art works 2005.
    • London Gagliardi Gallery contemporary art 2017.
    • Holyburn Country Club in Vancouver 2018.
    • London Gagliardi Gallery contemporary art 2019
    ·         Al Markhiya gallery / Artwork: UP part 1 collected for Qatar Financial Centre. 2019

    Art Eindhoven / The Atelier Art Society 2022

  • Press 

    • Many newspapers in Damascus 1993 / 94
    • Lady Magazine / Dobie 1994
    • Qatar newspapers / Literature / 2004
    • 2004Art Press 24 / 2016
    • AmericanArtNews 2016
    • Catalogue / London Art Biennale 1017
    • Book/ International Contemporary Masters XII 2017
    • Alwatn newspaper article 2017
    • -Art & beyond 2018
    • Art! Vancouver 2018, Sing Tao Newspaper.
    • Catalogue / XIth Florence Biennale
    • Catalogue / London Art Biennale 2019.
    • The national association for visual artists JaarboekKunstenaars / Netherlands
    • ART Habens Art Review, Special Edition Published on Jan 12, 2022https://issuu.com/arthabens/docs/biennial.ed.xxvi/156


    In Islamic painting, especially the Islamic miniatures.

    The Islamic Art geometric is identity concept for Muslim artists.

    You can start with artwork geometric, but you can’t reach to the end. It is infinity


    Art can certainly change human nature and add to it. This change needs time, on the scale of the age of peoples. But this change must be interactive with the concerns of society and its issues (science, philosophy, politics, and religion).
    Not far from us, ten years ago, Arab people in the East have tried and are still trying to change their reality moldy.
  • They are trying to resist the will of the local and international regimes to crush them and prevent them from obtaining the freedom that they have been deprived of for half a century,
    Starting from expressive realism to symbolic expressionism, (and if it is true, down to conceptual symbolism) and depending on color, collage, stenciling, and the art of Ajami. I create the color narrative within two physical dimensions. As for my dramatic space, which expands along the length of human suffering, it begins with the narration of the novel from the black comic and ends with tragedy.
    I have connected my current technology to exit to the three dimensions and we have reached the fourth dimension which is conceptual. I practice visual art to tell my story. I do not paint. I am directing conceptual drama.

    This space of whiteness in front of me makes up the beginning of the story that listed, where characters begin moving with their Mystic colors, haunting me until they rest in their inevitable place portraying the title of a Tale that is narrated

    The tsunami sweeping our region today is already unreasonable human action that cannot be imagined. So, through shadow and light of the drama of color I am trying to understand the reasonable things in the inhumanity as a concept that grows in the era of the virtual media.

    Haitham Al Hamad.

    The departed and transplant

    Haitham Al Hamad: he is buildingup the issues of hismomenta existence away from Damascus Roses. Repeating the tale of the story teller from the deck of Damascus café.         

    And there is no threshold we draw from yesterday’s story. Nothing but reason can deal with the uncertainty instead of prejudice him, because the truth has many faces and a history we know that has prevailed under the ash.

    The problematic question is why, how and for whom all this spatial and timing demilitarization? Because there is nothing but the frequency of the fall of stone and the ash over the impact

    still drives his mystical color characters’ between sleep and wakefulness and the mind in dormant state while hope Calls For to life in a tripartite interaction: Being, nothingness and existence or extinction in ungovernable prompt interruption. No choice but the consistency with reason to unravel the story, linking the weary thinking with the senses and the collapse of the self-defense.

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