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House no 49/B, Civil Lines, Rajput House, Rawalpindi.

Phone 92-307-5126597






Punjab University Lahore Pakistan

Masters Fine Arts, Pakistan

Punjab University Lahore Pakistan

Masters Literature Lahore Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan

                                                MSc Gender and Women Studies

Kualalumpur University Malaysia

Art Therapy (Certificate)

KL University Malaysia

Celebrity Publicist (Diploma)



Sept 19 – Present International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) – Pakistan                                    

                                       Project Coordinator UNGBV and CBP project

  • Ensure effective and smooth running of the field office
  • Ensure that staff assigned to has clear roles, responsibilities and perform them actively
  • Ensure effective planning, implementation and management of the project in the Rawalpindi (Taxila), Islamabad, Attock, Mianwali and Chakwal in line with the available budget, required time lines and the project implementation strategy with attention towards community needs, donor’s requirements and targets in an effective and qualitative manner.
  • Ensure that all organizational internal control policies are applied in all activities and transactions.
  • Ensure that reports (narratives) biweekly, monthly, quarterly reports and case studies for donors and other partners are prepared by the managers qualitatively.
  • Close supervision of activities in the field.
  • To assist Project Manager in country management in developing new project proposals by providing data and assisting in write-ups and preparations.
  • Ensure organizational visibility, profiling and representation in humanitarian forums, government agencies and clusters and able to secure NOCs etc. Ensures close coordination of the implementation team with other humanitarian agencies (regularly attend UN/Govt. general and cluster coordination meetings).
  • Establish contacts with UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, OCHA and other INGOs representatives involved and represented in the response, explore possibilities of funding and partnerships with UN and INGOs.
  • Monitor and support Project Manager in all administrative and financial tasks related to the assignment, such as proper maintenance of log book, monitoring of expenses, record keeping, float clearance, etc.
  • Ensure personal security and asset safety; provide attention to the provision of safe and secure environment for all staff in line with security guidelines.
  • Coordinate and arrange mega events for International Days commemoration around the year.
  • Monitor and supervise in designing organization visibility materials, calendars, give away gift boxes, note books, pens, etc.
  • Coordinate and conduct Art Therapy workshops in community and refugee settlements.
  • Conduct awareness workshops on health, child protection and females’ skill development.
  • Supervise in formation of refugee youth groups, music groups and refugee art groups.

Feb 14 – Sep 19   International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) – Pakistan                                    

                                Education Sector Lead& Child Protection Officer

  • Strengthen the liaison with key stakeholders in the education sector
  • Represent ICMC before local authorities/institutes/ schools/ universities and potential employers and refugees regarding education
  • Facilitate in conducting training for teachers& skills development for youth
  • Ensuring effective program documentation and reporting
  • Facilitate in pre-post training assessment
  • Effectively coordinate with the support section to maintain the pace of project implementation.
  • Facilitate refugees/asylum seekers in career counseling/ education
  • Deal with schedules of trainings to the beneficiaries
  • Facilitate and provide assistance to conduct Support Group Sessions
  • Facilitation in business development and selection of organizations/galleries/display centers to display the works of refugees for sale
  • Identify skills of female refugees home based and arrange workshops to polish their skills to be marketed
  • Identify internship’s or employment’s opportunities for refugees or host communities
  • Ensure/facilitate the qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the project through team meetings, post-assistance visits, regular reporting and any other monitoring tools.
  • Follow up and monitor sector budget.
  • Coordinate with the project team for project updates
  • Coordinate with each sector and response the queries of UNHCR
  • Review weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual project report and submit to project manager
  • Planning with the project team for project implementation plan
  • Coordinate with team and finance for financial and audit purpose
  • Enroll refugee children in schools
  • Monitoring their attendance/ results on regular basis
  • Coordination with schools/universities/ colleges to facilitate deserving refugee students
  • Monitoring, supporting and ensuring smooth enrollment process
  • Coordination with private educational organizations to introduce scholarships for girls education
  • Establishing distant adoption and private donor scholarship programs for education facilitation
  • Taking educational private and government organizations on panel with MoU signing
  • Conducting NFE classes at safe shelter for families with high protection risks
  • Designing NFE curriculum for safe shelter and implementing
  • Preparing question papers, conducting monthly/midterm and final exams for NFE
  • Organizing recreational activities for safe home residents as art therapy workshops/pottery painting/calligraphy/creative writing/movie days/commemoration of International days with role play/singing/etc
  • Organizing and managing study and awareness outdoor trips
  • Conducting child protection awareness sessions
  • Conducting BIA and BID interviews sharing the reports with UNHCR directly as being highly confidential cases
  • Script writing on short awareness session on child protection/female health & education/importance of education to get animated documentaries made, so far 3 documentaries successfully made and are being run in the schools and communities


Assistant Professor visiting faculty Sculpture National College of Arts, Rawalpindi:


  • Foundation students of visual arts and architecture sculpture teaching
  • Design the course outline for the 1st & 2nd semesters
  • Techniques taught clay modeling/armatures/plaster/relief/3D sculptures/fiber glass/etc.
  • Arranging workshops in villages for children
  • Arranging community works outline for students to implement


Art Creative Director Media Vision Production House:


  • Supervising and making documentary series on Myths & Beliefs
  • Short documentaries of life of artists/children education/beggar children/LGBTI
  • Script writing/jingles/doing voice overs/writing English sub titles for short plays


Creative Director UWCAT (Universal Women Children Art Therapy) Project for trauma Children:


  • Supervising, arranging and conducting art therapy workshops with child at risk/beggars/street children/drug addicts/brick makers/villages/remote settlements/madrassas/women at risk/etc.
  • Short documentaries of life of artists/children education/beggar children/LGBTI
  • Sharing the comprehensive and pictorial; report with the Director Programs

Master Trainer for teachers Cadet College Humak,Sihala, Islamabad:


  • Creative teachers training for Humak College on creative writing skills/play writing/therapeutic writings/poetry writing, the program designed to train teachers so that they may take it further.
  • This was a 8 years consultancy reporting directly to the CEO

Teaching Assistant Fatima Jinnah University (Photography):

  • Assisting Asim Minto in all the photography program for visual arts and design students
  • Studio photography/model shoots/product shoots/advertising posters/Ad film clicks/landscape/art shoots/speed night shots/etc.
  • Black & white dark room developing techniques
  • Preparing exam assignments/paper checking directly reporting to the Professor
  • Organizing and managing outdoor shoots/ field trips/etc.


Internship LokVirsa (with Program Coordinator) & 1 year as Creative Consultant:

  • Internship program worked in all the departments folk music/documentary/artisans/folk art/ folk lore/ folk dance/ assisting in arranging folk festivals
  • Leading to 1 year working with LokVirsa Heritage Museum as (Creative Consultant)
  • Worked on the province dioramas for the Heritage museum with Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf
  • Organizer and Culture Photographer for Silk Route Festival Sukardu with National and International artisans and performing artists
  • Organizer Jashan-e-Baharan Festival, Lahore with Kamran Lashari it was a 3 months project at race course park (World Crafts Council).

Internship Pakistan National Council of the Arts & 3 years as Arts Designer and Event Organizer:


  • Stage Manager for “Indus Life Show” Islamic International Forum in Malaysia (KL) for the Prime Minister of Malaysia and Shoukat Aziz Prime Minister of Pakistan.


  • Brochure for National Drama Festival, Lahore Embassy of Norway
  • Brochure for National Calligraphy Exhibition,
  • Brochure for National Artists.
  • Assisting & arranging art exhibitions at the PNCA
  • Conducting art workshops on sculpture/painting/puppet/etc.
  • Books printed by PNCA assigned to edit & proof read them, Zubaida Agha book/ Ejazul Hassan book/etc.

Director GalleriChangez Karachi and Islamabad:


  • Managing/arranging/ supervising art related exhibitions on monthly basis
  • Arranging & designing dialogue therapy workshops with artists/ poets/critics/singers etc. National & International level
  • Supervising display of the art shows/catalogs/invitation cards designing/catering/chief guests/speeches/etc.


KEY COMPETENCIES:                                                        

  • Strong interfaith harmony and peace building understanding by extensive experience of working with divers faith leaders, community and culture across Pakistan and representation of WVP F&D department at international level.
  • Strong advocacy & urban understanding (national) strengthened by extensive experience of working in diverse communities and cultures across Pakistan.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong documentation skills and familiarity with donor reporting styles (report writing, grants and proposals, research reports, progress reports, internal and for donors).
  • Strong experience of community based programming by working with various community groups (community leaders, parents, children and youth).
  • Strong coordination, management, leadership and facilitation skills.
  • Strong event management skills (workshops, seminars, training programs, conferences etc.)
  • Strong training and teaching skills in local and English languages.

Awards & Distinctions:


  • 2020 Awarded Gold Medal in Paris on painting
  • 1st Prize (Oil Painting) S.S. Hyder Award, Peshawar 1996,1st Prize (Sculpture) S.S. Hyder Award, Peshawar 1994, 1st Prize (Creative Art) Viqar-un-Nisa College, Rawalpindi 1994, 2nd Prize (Sculpture) S.S. Hyder Award, Peshawar 1997, 2nd Prize (Poetry) American Center, Islamabad 1995, 2nd Prize (Print Making) S.S. Hyder Award, Peshawar 1996, 3rd Prize (Sculpture) Art Extravaganza, Rawalpindi 2001, 3rd Prize (Print Making) S.S. Hyder Award, Peshawar 1997 , 3rd Prize (Card Making) Govt. College, Rawalpindi 1993

Several Other awards and appraisals in various exhibitions


TRAININGS & Workshops:            


Sep 20                    Community Based Protection Training by UNHCR in Pakistan
successfully completed three days training on Community BasedProtection Training and Psychosocial First Aid Training

Nov 19                   Consultation workshop by UNHCR in Pakistan
successfully completed one day consultation workshop on Community BasedProtection strategy

May 19                  Community Based Protection Training by UNHCR in Pakistan
successfully completed seven days training on Community BasedProtection Training 

Oct 15                    Social Mobilization Session on Challenges and opportunities faced by refugees in Pakistan by ICMC Pakistan
Facilitated one day session in ICMC SGBV project office, Islamabad

Sep 15                    The Art of Technical Proposal Writing based on PBL Approach by RSDO Pakistan
Participated four days training in ICMC SGBV project office, Islamabad

Jul 15                     Micro Entrepreneurship Development Training by ICMC Pakistan
Facilitated three days training on MED for non-Afghan refugees in Islamabad

Dec 14                   Social Mobilization by ICMC Pakistan
successfully completed two days training on Social Mobilization for UN GBV project staff in Islamabad

May 09                  Life Skills Training by Sahil Pakistan
Attended three days training program titled ‘Life Skills’ aimed to understand Gender, anger management, guilt & shame and building self-esteem during working in the drop in center and especially dealing with working children in World Vision, Islamabad, Pakistan

May 08                  Child Protection and Development through DICs by Sahil Pakistan
Attended two days training program titled ‘Conflict Child Protection and Development through DICs’ aimed to understand and enhance the capacity in dealing with children and establishment drop in center for children at risk, development of criteria and standards for DIC manage and adopt skills to manage and resolution of conflict in World Vision, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jul 07                     Child Rights & Child Protection Issues in Pakistan Training by SPARC, Islamabad, Pakistan
Attended five day training program titled ‘Child Rights & Child Protection Issues in Pakistan’ aimed to understand and adhere the Child rights, child protection in SPARC,Islamabad, Pakistan

 Apr 07                   Road Safety Workshop by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) Pakistan
Attended two day workshops titled ‘Road Safety’ aimed to understand and build capacity on road safety in World Vision Pakistan

Oct 03                    Project Planning and Proposal Writing Workshop by DOER TRUST, Pakistan
Attended five day workshop titled ‘Project Planning and Proposal Writing’ aimed to gain Participatory Learning & Action Techniques, Project Planning- Concept & Guidelines, Defining the problem, Setting Project Objectives, Choosing Alternative Strategies, Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation and Proposal writing in Shalom Center, Jhelum, Pakistan

Jul 03                     12 Steps & Tree of Addictions Seminar by Drug Addiction Workers Network (DAWN) Pakistan
Attended two day Seminar titled ‘12 Steps & Tree of Addictions’ aimed to understand the level of addictions, consequences of addiction, rehabilitation and intervention of drug addiction and uses of 12 steps in drug addiction in Christian Study Center, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

May 01                  Staff Development Training by DOER Trust Pakistan
Attended a training program titled ‘Staff Development’ aimed to understanding and managing positive attitude, Conflict resolution, organizing work & time, Institutionalized thinking and coordination between staff and clients) in Christian Study Center, Rawalpindi, Pakistan



Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi


Computer and other Professional Skills:

  • MS Office and various presentation Software’s, Adobe Photoshop, Publisher and Adobe, InternetNavigation.Outlook email, Refugee Information Management System (RIMS)
  • Event management/ arranging and conducting events/ workshops
  • Performing arts/ thematic script writing/ designing educational curriculums/etc.



Art Therapy & Visual Art Workshops Conducted:


  • Art therapy workshop for 70 School teachers at Presentation Convent School, Rawalpindi, on Overcoming Child shyness and their Drawing Study. 17th November, 2012.
  • Art Therapy workshop for Ekumattra Ngo Dhaka Bangladesh in June 2012. For Orphans, Beggar and Street Children.
  • Craft Therapy workshop for Ekumattra Ngo Dhaka Bangladesh in June 2012. For Orphans, Beggar and Street Children.
  • Dialogue and Inspirational Talk Therapy workshop for Ekumattra Ngo Dhaka Bangladesh in June 2012. For Orphans, Beggar and Street Children.
  • Art Therapy workshop for Beggar and Street Children Farmgate, Dhaka Bangladesh in June 2012.
  • Dialogue Therapy workshop for Beggar Children at Coax Bazaar Beach, Bangladesh in June 2012
  • Art Therapy Workshop for 3000 orphan boys of PSH. At Jinnah Sports Complex, 23rd March, 18 days long workshop. 2012
  • Dialogue Therapy Workshop for Brick Making Children in a village near Rawat. 2012.
  • Art Therapy Workshop for Orphan children of Ekumattra Ngo, Dhaka Bangladesh. June 2012.
  • Dialogue Therapy Workshop for Beggar children at Cox’s Bazaar, Chittagong Bangladesh. June 2012.
  • Dialogue Therapy Workshop for Beggar children at farm gate, Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 2012.
  • Workshops on voluntarily basis to Disabled Children.
  • Art therapy to Special Children.
  • Music art therapy to Street Children.
  • Music Art Therapy to Slum School Children and IDP’s at LokVirsa Islamabad.
  • Art Therapy workshop to IDP’s at LokVirsa Islamabad.
  • Art Therapy workshop to IDP’s Children at Malout Village Islamabad.
  • Art and Dialogue Therapy workshop to Girls of Earthquake 2005 at Abbott bad.
  • Art Workshop Nilor Boys School. (PNCA)
  • Creative Writing Therapy workshop at Media Vision Islamabad.
  • Art Therapy workshop Dhaka 2014.
  • Solo Art Exhibition Dhaka 2014.
  • Street Art Therapy workshop Dhaka 2013.
  • Drug addict children Dialogue therapy workshop Dhaka 2013.
  • Graffiti Art workshop Foundation University 2013.
  • Sculpture Workshop Foundation University 2013.
  • Sculpture Workshop at Foundation University Rawalpindi 2012.
  • Fabric painting/stained glass/oil painting/candle making workshop at Kenza Academy.
  • Photography workshop at Fatima Jinnah University Rwp.
  • Sculpture workshop at Fatima Jinnah University Rwp.
  • Water Colors workshop at Nomad Gallery Isb.
  • Sculpture Workshop at Nomad Gallery Isb for 16b days VAW by UNIFEM.
  • Landscape Workshop at GalleriChangez Islamabad.

Several other workshops conducted in Universities, Colleges, villages, Slums, etc.

  • Workshop of Drawing for International NGO Right to Play. Isb
  • Workshop of Texture Painting group of students of Roots School.
  • Water Colors workshop at Nomad Gallery. Isb.
  • Handmade Paper making
  • Village in Rawat workshop for Brick making Children.

Group Exhibitions & Solo Exhibitions:


  • 2020- Paris Art Symposium France, exhibition nominated by UNESCO
  • 2018- PNCA National Art Exhibition
  • 2014- Moods of Eve Dhaka Bangladesh
  • 2012- Chocolate Café Islamabad
  • 2008- Alliance Françoise (French Culture Centre) Gallery Islamabad
  • 2005 – Images of the Soul at Royaat Gallery, Lahore.
  • 2005- Moods & Reflections at Rawalpindi Arts Council.
  • 2000- Images of the soul and moods. LokVirsa. Isb.
  • GalleriChangez Karachi
  • GalleriChangez Karachi
  • 2013- Group Show Athena Gallery Dhaka Bangladesh.
  • 2010- Group Show Jarhoka Gallery Islamabad.
  • 2009- Nomad Gallery Islamabad VAW group show by UNIFEM
  • 2009- Nomad Gallery Islamabad (Summer art Group show)
  • 2009- Tanzara Gallery Islamabad (Group)
  • Punjab Artists Association, Lahore(Al-hamra)
  • 2002 – National Sculpture Exhibition at Al-hamra Arts Council, Lahore.
  • 2001 – Group Show at Liaquat Memorial Hall, Rawalpindi.
  • 2001 – Art Extravaganza at Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi.
  • 2000 – Hand Painted Clothes at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad.
  • 1999 – Textile & Landscape at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad.
  • 1998 – Group Show at Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad.
  • 1997 – Group Show at Abasin Arts Council, Peshawar.
  • 1996 – Group Show at National Council of Arts, Islamabad.
  • 1996 – Environment at National Council of Arts, Islamabad.
  • 1996 – Group Show at Abasin Arts Council, Peshawar.
  • 1995 – Group Show at National Council of Arts, Islamabad.
  • 1994 – Group Show at Abasin Arts Council, Peshawar.
  • 1993 – Group Show at Natasha Art Gallery, Peshawar.
  • 1992 – Group Show at Natasha Art Gallery, Peshawar.
  • 1991 – Group Show at Studio Gandhara, Islamabad.
  • 1990 – Group Show at Studio Gandhara, Islamabad.
  • 1989 – Group Show at St. Treasa School, Rawalpindi.
  • 1989 – Group Show at Puno Art Gallery, Islamabad

Workshops Attended:


  • Print Making/ Sculpture/ Interior Decoration/ Surface Preparation/ Textile Designing Studio Gandhara Islamabad
  • Photography Images by Minto Rawalpindi
  • Stained Glass Hunerkhda Lahore
  • Tempera Andrew Young, NCA Lahore
  • Candle MakingKeza Academy Rawalpindi
  • Creative Writing Marjorie Hussain Isb. PNCA
  • Creative Writing Asim Akhtar Isb. PNCA
  • Violence against Women Nomad Gallery and UNIFEM Ngo.
  • Miniature Painting



  1. Mr. Jehanzeb Anwar

Country Director, ICMC, Pakistan

E-Mail: jehanzeb@icmc.netCell#: 923018117035


  1. Mr. ShahanAbass

National Program Manager, ICMC, Pakistan

E-Mail: shahan@icmc.net Cell#: 92300556604


  1. Ashir Zia

Project Manager, ICMC (GBV/CBP), Pakistan

E-Mail: ashir.zia@gmail.com Cell#:923458567555


  1. Wajiha Afzal

Associate Protection Officer UNHCR Pakistan

E-Mail: afzal@unhcr.org Cell#923329098026


  1. Christopher Murphy

Associate Protection Officer UNHCR Jordan

E-Mail: murphy@unhcr.org Cell#+962799026956




Selected Media Coverage:


‘Images of Soul’ fascinates B’desh envoy | The Nation

www.nation.com.pk › Islamabad
Work of professional artists, students displayed at the Rawalpindi education.kalpoint.com/…/work-of-professional-artists-student.
Pakistan higher education challenges


Students display artworks for a cause | Entertainment | DAWN.COMdawn.com/2012/03/02/students-display-artworks-for-a-cause/
Smile shines finally on traumatized faces | The Nation

Art therapy for 3,000 orphan children held | The Nation


Artist’s journey to self realization

Paintings by Samina go on display from 26th – Daily Timeswww.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page…24-2-2008…8
Artists of nature, soul shine at Nomad – Daily Timeswww.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page…18-7-2009..
Royaat to host paintings by two of Changez’s students – Daily Timeswww.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_27-4.


Wildlife on canvas – Daily Times

Art therapy workshop held for Sweet Home kids – Universal Women …pakmed.net/college/forum/?p=38987
Work of professional artists, students displayed – thenews.com.pkwww.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-6-164352-Work-of-prof.

Making trauma children`s wishes come true

 Published January 4, 2010


ISLAMABAD, Jan 3 Art Director of Media Vision and “Make a Wish” Samina Jamshed brings creativity of trauma children out by taking away images of war and filling their thoughts with colours.

Using art and music therapy as a weapon and bring smile back to young faces, she recently conducted 12 art therapy workshops for internally displaced persons (IDPs) at Malot village in BharaKahu, Islamabad, and another one at Sector I-11/4 in the slums where there were children from Peshawar and Afghanistan.

“The idea behind these workshops is to bring back the confidence and passion for life in the children,” Ms Jamshed said, adding that she was also compiling a wish list keeping a record of all the children along with their one personal wish which she would fulfil.

The material for all the workshops was donated by Media Vision. The most amazing part was when one got a chance to look over this wish list.

“A child wished for a burger that made us ponder on all the things we take for granted but that wish was fulfilled at LokVirsa workshop and all the children were treated with burgers,” she said.

At the Madawa Public School in the slums, a child had wished for a bat and a ball, Ms Jamshed said. “The effort does not end by conducting these workshops but their work will be exhibited in a gallery where these children will have the chance to interact with visitors and if anyone wishes to buy their piece of art he/she shall pay the child there and then.

“This is to bring back their confidence and to eliminate the idea of depending on donations or aid. —Staff Reporter

 Reviews The miracles of “Art Therapy”

The miracles of “Art Therapy”

Psychology is one of my most favorite areas of interest and I often research about the different advancements in this field and explore them in depth. In the last few years, I have come across the term “Art Therapy” quite a lot of times and it truly intrigued me and thus, I plunged into this topic. After studying about it from various sources, I came to the conclusion that this therapy is extremely fascinating and beautiful in its essence. I believe, as more than half of us are suffering from varying forms of depression (whether we admit it or not) and are surrounded by paranoia and chaos, this therapy might help us on a whole new level. It is a promising area and from my point of view, needs to be expansively familiarized.

Introduction to Art Therapy:

Art Therapy, as the name suggests, is a form of therapy to deal with mental stresses, overcome the communication struggles and plays a vital role in self-analysis, which in other words, is also known as introspection. It helps people contemplate over their own selves, their personalities and helps in figuring out who they really are. This therapy makes use of colors and artistic techniques to counter these issues, which most of the times, act as a barrier in the flow of our daily life.

Origination of Art Therapy:

According to “About Health” Art Therapy is being used since thousands of years in multiple ways. People have often used arts to heal their patients. But it actually formulated as a form of therapy in mid of 20th century. Doctors instilled the idea of being creative in their patient’s mind, who was suffering from some sort of mental disorder, and they observed a positive change in them. This encouragement has now led to a complete branch of arts and psychology which is now being practiced all over the world and has changed the lives of thousands of people.

Benefits of Art Therapy:

According to Art Therapy Blog, the benefits are not only bound to people who are exceptionally creative with paper, brushes and colors. Such is the beauty of this therapy that you don’t necessarily have to be a talented artist. You use your own imagination and simply let it flow. You decipher the underlying meaning behind your piece of art; you try to understand your imagination and creativity and thus heal your soul. It works wonders in treating the patients undergoing counseling, rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

For a normal human being, who has fortunately no serious mental disorders, this therapy is a great way of self-exploration. It gives you an insight into your own personality (this is an entirely different topic and it would take ages but we still won’t completely cover it). It improves the mental health and colors plays an intriguing role in emotional uplifting and understanding of personality (color psychology is yet another branch). Art Therapy can be done in the form of a group and it opens new channels of friendly communication with fellow human beings.

For people with severe mental disorders, like schizophrenia or depression due to emotional abuse, a serious disease or PTSD, also immensely benefit from this form of therapy. They actually feel a control over their temperaments; their stress and tension vanishes and after playing around with colors, they feel lightened and their anxiety decreases significantly. Art Therapy has also helped numerous serious cases of bipolar and these people experience an effective result when they perform Art Therapy activities.

As stated by American Art Therapy Association, this form of therapy plays a vital role in building up problem solving skills and increasing the confidence level. It awakens the self-esteem of a person and indulges them into self-awareness. It helps a person develop both phsycially and mentally, by using their imagination and working on their creativity. It opens new channels of exploring interpersonal skills and polishing them.

Art Therapy in the West:


Compared to the East, the West is taking Art Therapy very seriously. There are various research institutes who are working endlessly to instigate the importance of Art Therapy among common people. To get this knowledge in the hands of a random person browsing through the internet from one corner of the world, special Art Therapy blogs are updated daily and they give creative ideas for experiencing the miracles of Art Therapy within your own home and at your own ease.

Plenty of institutes have started certified programs regarding Art Therapy and many universities are providing graduate and post-graduate programs in this field. Following are some institutes working ardently for the promotion of Art Therapy:

Western Sydney University: They are offering Masters in Art Therapy (post grad program) which teaches various visual art forms for therapeutic purposes.
University of Central Lancashire (North West England): They are offering MA in Arts along with a Diploma and a Certificate program.
University of Chester (North West England): Similarly, this university offers MA in Arts Therapy along with a Diploma and a Certificate program.
Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California): This university offers Masters in Arts with specialization in Art Therapy.
West Liberty University (West Virginia): WLU offers a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Art Therapy. Their whole program is carefully structured keeping in mind the importance of Art Therapy in the future of medical sciences.
Art Therapy in Pakistan:


Unfortunately, like every other sub-field of psychology, Pakistan lags behind in Art Therapy education and recognition. Although people residing in principle cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad etc are becoming more aware about Art Therapy, there is still a major lack of coverage in this regard. Following are few pakistani universities and organizations where Art Therapy is being endorsed and encouraged:

In Punjab University Department of Gender Studies, an informative lecture was organized on the topic of Drama and Art Therapy. The lecture was delivered by AsimAmjad who is an accomplished Art Therapist himself.
Art Therapy and Mental Health organization: This is an NGO, run by the aforementioned, AsimAmjad. They are striving hard to promote Art Therapy in Pakistan. This is a fabulous venture with amazing artwork on display.
Universal Women Children Art Therapy Association (UWCATA) & Pakistan Bai-ul-Maal(PBM) arranged a joint Art Therapy Workshop under the guidance of Samina Jamshed, for 3000 orphan kids of Pakistan Sweet Homes. The money generated from the exhibition of the artwork by these kids, went to each of the young artists who drew it.
Samina Jamshed was also the conductor of an Art Therapy Workshop for 70 school teachers of Convent institutes. They were lectured on tips and techniques to help the kids overcome their shyness and to bring out their inner creativity with the help of colors and art.
Ufaq Ehsan is a graduate of NCA, Lahore. She has been working as an Art Therapist for more than a decade now. She has organized various workshops in Pakistan, like Falah Foundation Art Therapy workshop (2005), Amanka Rasta Art Workshop (2010) and has worked as an Art Therapist in various schools and hospitals of Lahore.
For people living in Karachi, T2F needs no introduction. They have also arranged workshops and artistic activities for children to introduce them to Art Therapy miracles. Creative Reflections: An Introduction to Art Therapy was one such workshop which was facilitated by Shazia Mohamad who is an Art Therapy graduate.
Future of Art Therapy in Pakistan:

Art Therapy is meant to stabilize the depressed minds. In the West, significant amount of people have gained knowledge about this particular therapy and are greatly benefitting from it. However, in Pakistan, people consider psychology itself, a taboo area of specialization. This issue should be seriously discussed on educational platforms. Also, mental disorders are increasing day by day, especially due to the sudden unfortunate events that happen in our country. Children and adults alike, are suffering terribly and they miserably go through these ordeals without expressing their troubles. Frequent Art Therapy Workshops and seminars will prove to be a positive action to fight off this negative energy. Similarly, like the West, our universities should start graduate or post-graduate programs in Art Therapy. Or simply, for starters, they should introduce certificate programs. People with an avid interest in arts should be urged to come forward, cooperate in building up a beneficial Art Therapy future in Pakistan and fully endorse its colorful miracles.

The miracles of “Art Therapy”

 Why Pakistan needs to embrace Arts Therapy amidst the multitude of crises

Display of calligraphic masterpieces 

zervas art





The artworks are accompanied by a Zervas Art Certificate ofAuthenticity where all the necessary information are written.
Zervas Art & Club for UNESCO of Arts inAchaia confirm the originality of the artworks.
The International Artistic Committee of Zervas Art certify the official international price of sale.



Talk with the artist to manage and buy the artworks that you love, in the best prices.
If you love art, you don’t need millions to buy an artwork that you will live with. If we really love art, we buy works by artists who live with us.






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