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Vida Praznik

Born on April 23, 1967 in Novo mesto. He lives and works in Šentjernej.

She is employed at the KRKA Novo mesto pharmaceutical factory.

Her creative journey actually began intensely two decades ago. She reached for the camera and used it to “record” the environment, nature and objects, that is, everything that attracts her creative nature. Even today, it is a faithful tool with which she searches for and perpetuates motives. From photographs and quick sketches, paintings on canvas, graphics and, more recently, watercolor creations are now being created under her hand. He often makes useful objects with a touch

artistic feeling. .

Thoughtful expressive strokes can be felt in her works of art.

She is increasingly attracted to creating with colors. While searching for a route and

means of expression, she first tackled pastel chalks,

but only for a short time. She researched further, helping herself to

literature and experimentation. She joined the Art

cultural association Mavrica from Novo mesto and participated

art workshops led by renowned mentors. He has been working in the society for decades. She is very hardworking, capable

organizer, animator and (4 years also president of the association LKD Mavrice Novo mesto. from 2016-2019).

 Now she has finished running the society and is devoting herself

itself even deeper in the field of art research.

She created mostly in acrylic, to which she is still faithful today, since

used most often. As a painter, she is already in the environment with her works

recognizable. It is not yet in painting with acrylic paints on canvas

said the last words.

Vida Praznik does not stop on the creative path and is not satisfied with just some techniques. In his development process, he also creates in graphic technique. This technique is very suited to its nature. She got her first basics in Novo mesto (mentor: HamoČavrk). As she became more and more attracted to creating graphics, she experimented and created using other graphic techniques. In Ljubljana, she acquired new knowledge in the field of graphics at MGLC. She first devoted herself to drypoint, then to etching, aqua ink, calligraphy, screen printing and finally to woodcutting… (Under the guidance of Academic Mentors: Zora Stančič, SlavkoPavlin, MojcaZlokarnik, Brane Širca, BogeDimovski). In the spring of 2016, she also created in Ljubljana at the MGLC under the mentorship of the Spanish artist Damiàn Vega Velasco. Her desire for knowledge is immeasurable.


In the JanezTrdina Cultural Center, Vida Praznik l. 2015, May, p

a group of ten graphic artists led by mag. Hama Čavrka, acad.

painter and graphic artist, organized by JSKD Novo mesto, published graphically

map. This group released another graphic folder in the same year,

dedicated to the 650th anniversary of Novo mesto.

So far, she has attended numerous art workshops, painting meetings,

Ex temporov, outdoor galleries in Novo mesto and other forms

collective creation.

Since 2019, he has been creating completely independently in his studio in his home.

Vida has had 16 solo exhibitions in Slovenia. And over 100 group exhibitions at home in Slovenia and abroad.

Vida follows her life, leading her deeper and deeper into art. loves art.

I don’t have an academic title but I have an immense love that has the name “art”.

Recognitions from the Association of Art Societies of Slovenia

( SLO)


2016- Certificate for Contemporary Painting

2017- Certificate for Contemporary Painting

2018- Certificate for drawing and graphics

2018- Golden palette for watercolor

2019- Certificate for Contemporary Painting

2019- Golden Palette for Contemporary Painting

2019 …- at Extempori Art Izola in SLO ..received 3rd place


ABROAD- 2019

1.) January- presented at the ITA Bergamo Art Fair

2.) February-  in the catalog in France

3.) March – in the catalog presented in Dubai- United Arab Emirates

4.) May- in catalogs in Hong Kong

5.) July- ..presented with 8 paintings in SONCIN, Italy.



1.) March- awarded in Sanremo ITA (Golden World Cup )

2.) April- CANNES (France) golden palm for art   

3.) July- Art Marker, presented in the catalog of the top 10 galleries

in Italy

4.) Julij- led an art workshop for children in Istria, Croatia

5.) July- In San Marino, Italy, the Artist of the Year 2020 award

6.) September- Biennale-CANN, France, I participate with 2 pictures

7.) October- GRAND PRIX COTE DAZUR .. NICA … * plaque +




1.)  February – Italy, presentation in the catalog

2.)  February – Italy, recipient of the 1 * Premio Paul Cezanne plaque

3.) April- Menton, France … creativity award, Pierre Auguste RENOIR


4.) Maj- Golden Mimosa Art Cup 2021

   +published in the official catalog – the great women of the artist

5.) May- IconArt (ITA) – auction house Art Code selects my work and

sells it at auction [AUCTION no 7- contemporary art + catalog.

6.) August- Venice- Recipient of the Golden Lion for Visual Arts 2021

7.)  October – Grand Prix La Cote d’Azur of the City of Nice –

    Nominated for the Golden Globe Award

8.)  October – I participate in the Art Fair in Innsbruck through


9.) October- Montecarlo- Received an Oscar for visual art (diploma +

catalog + Oscar statue + criticism)

10.) November- I am participating in an exhibition in Egypt (SUN


11.) December- I am participating in the Art Fair- SCOPE MIAMI

     BEACH- Prince Art Gallery


Art historian Anamarija wrote me a text. That’s where I pin it. If anything will help you get to know me better. We’re in touch and we’ll continue tomorrow … what you need …

I wish you a nice and peaceful evening and all the best …e “art”.

An inner yearning and the desire to create brought Vida Praznik into the world of fine arts.

She has dedicated herself persistently to a thorough analytical and investigative study of it.

Her creative fields cover acrylic and watercolor painting, printing, sketching and drawing, all of

which she encounters decidedly and directly. Maintaining the role of important structural

elements, they often become the basis for the construction of her paintings. Her sparkling

ideas and elaborate aesthetic norms are also contained within the scope of functional art, and

she presents her works in a variety of material.

As a keen observer of the world at large, the artist has chosen the landscape as her main

starting point. She continually uncovers its beauty, uniqueness and perfection with her

camera. Even today her photographs serve to awaken her memory and the complex

experience of fascination that leads her to the canvas. Although she preserves the basic

features of landscape images, visual actions are formed inwardly, imbued with the intimacy of

visual acceptance and feelings and her awareness and admiration of that which is essential in

both the external world and in her chosen art medium. She embraces painterly evaluations

with genuine enthusiasm and channels them to her canvas from personal depths.

She usually singles out segments consisting of many interesting forms, colors, light,

structures and space, transferring them to the canvas through compositional finesse, a sharp

sense of intrinsic scene construction and a journey into spatial illusion. The presence of

individual actors in the natural environment dramatically enhances her settings. Open

panoramic views of fields and endless reaches of the sea are indispensable stock for her

brush, her palette knife and also for the subtle interventions of her hand that, through a direct,

haptic sense of color, become elementary, expressively-perceived traces shifting between

real and suggestive images.

Her individual, recognizable and vigorous brushstrokes make clear what is specific and

fundamental, while manifesting the artist's momentary feelings and moods, revealing her

creative energy and temperament. Thus, every trace carries a formulated quintessence and

simultaneously an outflow of the artist's inner perception. It is a manifestation of the primordial

pulse of a painting’s micro-structure, some strokes synthesizing and accumulating in the form

of rich, colorful impastos, others spreading like generous veil-like glazes. Distinctive colors

and lively gestural articulations afford her works dynamic and well-balanced rhythm and


Nature offers her its richest palette. Her sophisticated touch captures its values and

summarizes its atmospheric and temporary actualities, whose playful effects of light excite

her. Her colors suggest reality, but through their nuances, tonal gradations and light values we

are made aware of the blending brought about by the painter's mood.

A painting surface is a creative stage for Vida Praznik, and she moves on it between exterior

and interior, between the visible and the sensed. Her personal relations and internalized

dialogue with the reality of the landscape and her own creative striving, as well as her

sovereign, temperamental and lively brush work and striking colorfulness, are the artist's key

resources that elevate her pieces into the spheres of quality, expressiveness, and with just

the right degree of modernistic flair, of painterly poetry. In her unmistakable style, she strolls

efficaciously among the various art techniques. She has devised a discourse for her

watercolors linking disciplined, controlled, formative gestures with free, spontaneous reactions

produced when pigments dissolved in water touch the paper. Her watercolors also have the

desired effects of transparency and airiness. And in her prints, the artist demonstrates the

importance and role of clear and exact linial records deliberately positioned.

Her artistic activities always consist of composing primary artistic expressions as emotively-

rendered, committed and thoughtful performances of her interest in color, line, structure,

texture, light and space. All these make up the indispensable luggage on her path toward the

beauty of creating landscapes and the possibility of discovering (in)sight into the soul. Vida

sees the world around and within herself in this way and, accompanied by her chosen

medium, she realizes it as a sincere inner purpose and a painterly-persuasive uplift of artistic


Diligently and decisively, Vida Praznik seems to be on a path of identification with her motifs

and also with the medium itself. Her images not only carry selected artistic-aesthetic

extensions, they also capture the viewer with their calming, spiritual atmosphere, like a deep

blue, the gentle murmur of the sea, the warmth of the sun's rays or the captivating scent of




art historian and critic

zervas art





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